Nabeeha’s mood-based picks for shows to watch in tears, laughter and anything else


Do you ever have that feeling when you want to watch a show, but can’t seem to decide on which one? I’ve been in that position many times and can always trace my uncertainty back to my mood. So, I decided to match specific moods and feelings to the shows that cater to them.

If you’re feeling crappy about your life, “The Bachelor” or its spinoffs are the most addictive and pathetic way to uplift your mood. Watching 25 men or women compete and fight for the Bachelor or Bachelorette is simply amusing in every way you would expect a dating game show to be. There’s ample amount of drama, physical fights and arguments because the contestants have no chill. It’s a great pick-me-up because I feel that my life isn’t so horrible that I would willingly apply to find a spouse on national TV. However ridiculous the concept of the show is, I’m glad it’s still on air, because sometimes I just need to watch two hours of superficial people competing with  to give me a self-esteem boost.  

When you need a laugh, I recommend “Atlanta,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Broad City.” “Atlanta” is Donald Glover’s new TV series about two cousins working their way to the top of the rap industry. The first episode was hilarious, witty and laid a great foundation for the show. Glover’s talent as his alter ego rapper Childish Gambino seeps over to his producing and writing skills. His cleverness, along with the talent of his supporting cast and crew, makes this show special and will keep you hooked. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is about a charismatic group of detectives dealing with their personal and work lives. Although it’s sometimes cringe-y and predictable, it’s a great option for some light humor when you need it. Finally, “Broad City” is a typical show about two girls in their twenties figuring their lives out while living in New York, but it focuses on their awkwardness and emphasizes the importance of a woman’s right to make her own decisions and learn from her mistakes, which is both important and hysterical.

If you need some nail-biting suspense in your life because you’re not getting it from anywhere else, try watching “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Game of Thrones” or “Descendants of the Sun.” All three are dramas, but include a bit of everything “” romance, comedy and beautiful casts. In case you’re unfamiliar with “Descendants of the Sun,” it’s a famous South Korean drama about an army officer and a doctor who fall in love in an unstable war-torn country. If you don’t understand Korean, there’s no need to worry too much. There are Korean subtitles available on Netflix.

“Chopped Junior” and “Parks and Recreation” are essential if you are in need of motivation. With cute 12-year-olds who can probably cook better than you and Leslie Knope’s positive energy, these shows will make you want to be the best version of yourself.

On the days when you don’t know how you’re feeling, it’s important to open yourself up to new things. I think HGTV is the best place to start. “House Hunters” and “Love It or List It” are a couple of my favorites, but, honestly, every show on this channel is gold. While watching “House Hunters,” you’ll find yourself getting attached to the people searching for houses and soon enough you’ll be yelling at them to choose the house you want for yourself. I truly believe that “Love It or List It” is still on the air because of the show’s hosts, interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin. They compete with each other to redesign the couple’s original home or find the couple a better one. Farr and Visentin don’t hold back from shading and insulting each other, giving this show character and charm.

Most of these shows are available on either Netflix or HBO GO, so there’s no need to get on sketchy websites in order to watch them, which is one more incentive to keep them in the back of your head. So when you’re having an off day or are just bored, they’re easily accessible and will correspond with how you feel. Trust me.