Apologies from Alex


Until this election I was still registered to vote in Harris County. It wasn’t for any reason other than it forced me to go home and visit my family.

This year I decided to finally register to vote in Bexar County, the place that I have come to call home.  This is where my saga begins.

Over the summer, before I came back to school I sent in a request to the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas to get a form to change my address. By family weekend my form had come in the mail and was hand delivered by my parents. The form then promptly sat on my desk for at least a week.

When I finally took the time to fill out my information I was getting close to the form’s deadline. I hastily wrote in my information, drove to the post office and began to wait for my new voter registration certificate.

The week turned into a month and I still didn’t have the certificate that would give me the green light to cast my vote. I began to research who all was running in Bexar County in preparation for the big day.

As early voting quickly approached I started religiously checking my mailbox hoping my card had come in so I could stop worrying about it.

When my mailbox wouldn’t give the answers I needed I started checking my registration online. Much to my surprise I was still registered in Harris County.

My mind immediately jumped to the six-hour drive I would have to make to have my voice heard in such a critical election. In a last ditch effort I made a call to the Secretary of State of Texas to see if it was in fact too late to do anything about it.

The man who answered my call reassured me that I would in fact be able to vote and that all I needed to do was call the Bexar County Elections Department and they would help me sort it out.

I called into the county and they informed me that there was a problem with my address on the form and that I needed to come in to their main office.

I made the drive to the office and was told I had to re-fill out the form. When I asked if the form would be ready my Nov. 8 the woman behind the counter looked at me as if I had asked if the sky was maroon.

I was told that I could vote on a limited ballot right then and there or risk not voting at all. Images of a country run by Donald Trump flashed before my eyes and I made the quick decision to vote on a limited ballot.

I may not have made a huge difference in Bexar County politics but if our country isn’t in ashes in the next year you have me and my limited ballot vote to thank.