Student earns prestigious chance to perform with San Antonio Ballet

Student earns prestigious chance to perform with San Antonio Ballet

Sophomore Diana Roberts is involved in a production of “The Magic Toyshop” produced by the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet, which is affiliated with Connally’s Dance Workshop. In the show, she plays an English lady, which is more of a character part.

“I’m really happy because [Connally’s] approached me to be a part of it,” said Diana Roberts, an accounting major.

Roberts has been dancing since the age of three and is trained in numerous styles, including ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical. “The Magic Toyshop” is the first ballet production she will perform in since coming to  Trinity.

“I love ballet, and dancing has always been just a huge part of my life,” Roberts said. “I never want to lose it.”

Before coming to Trinity, Roberts was used to dancing over 24 hours a week. With her current schedule, she cannot dance every day, which has proved difficult for her.

“It’s a huge step not being able to dance every day, so it’s definitely been a transition,” Roberts said.

Practicing dance helps Roberts to release stress before going back to  completing schoolwork and participating in other activities.

“Dancing helps me clear my mind. It’s my happy place,” Roberts said. “Being able to do this one thing I love for two hours straight helps calm me down and clear my mind.”

At Trinity, Roberts is also involved in the sorority Gamma Chi Delta. She is grateful for the support of her sorority sisters and the other friends she has made.

“Hearing Diana talk about her passion for dance is amazing,” said Ruthie Rubin, a sophomore communication and Spanish major and Roberts’ roommate. “It is wonderful to hear someone I care about discuss their passion in such a positive and incredible way.”

Rubin has offered Roberts constant support for her passion since the beginning of their first year at Trinity. She encourages other students to go and see this production.

“I would say that students should not only go to see Diana to support a Trinity classmate, but also because it’s important for students to expand their horizons and go attend something like a ballet that isn’t something they would typically go watch,” Rubin said.

At Trinity, Roberts intends to pursue the five-year accounting program.

“Diana is very conscientious,” said Michael Wilkins, professor of accounting.

Wilkins continued to praise Roberts for her ability to  appropriately manage her extracurriculars with her academics.

“She is very well-organized and has a great personality, so I think that she will add value to the program.”

Wilkins has provided Roberts with advice and guidance as she gets ready to declare her major in accounting. She has attended various recruiting events aimed at those who expressed interest early on in the major.

“I’m sure that [Diana] will be successful and I am glad to see that she has other interests outside of accounting. I wish her the best,” Wilkins said.

“The Magic Toyshop” will be performed Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 13 at 2:30 p.m. at the Lila Cockrell Theatre. Tickets range in price from $10 to $40 and are available for puchase online through the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet website.