Student Ambassadors discuss their impact

Student Ambassadors discuss their impact

Trinity University’s Student Ambassadors is an organization sponsored by the Alumni Relations and Developments Office that interacts with Trinity alumni and helps students get to know more about their presence in the Trinity community.

“We really try to focus on breaching the gap between alumni and students,” said Ryan Hernandez, a senior political science major and tri-chair for Student Ambassadors.

Ambassadors hope to help students forge meaningful connections and also encourage them to give back to Trinity.

“One of the primary focuses of the ambassadors and part of our mission is to really bring awareness to the importance of philanthropy, particularly student philanthropy,” said Alexandra Read, the young alumni & student programs coordinator at Trinity. “We want Trinity students to understand and begin the lifelong process of giving back to the Trinity University system.”

Last year, Student Ambassadors introduced the Trinity community to the 24-Hour Challenge. A donor had agreed to give a large amount of money to the university if students could match that amount.

“The 24-Hour Challenge was one of the most fun events that I got to help out with,” said Kyle Argueta, a senior communication major and member of Student Ambassadors. “It was really fun to talk to our peers and be engaged in student philanthropy. I feel like it was one of those moments when we were really making sure that Trinity students were giving back.”

Ultimately, students exceeded the proposed gift amount, which allowed Trinity to receive the donation.

“That was a time I was proud of being an ambassador because I really made something happen,” Argueta said.

Student Ambassadors also play a significant role during Thank A Giver week in November, in which they help to raise awareness about donations and encourage students to write letters to different donors.

Ambassadors also hold a Tuition Stop Day in January, during which students can find out what costs their tuition money goes towards and just how much donations impact the university, especially regarding scholarships.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much money comes from donors and what it does for the university,” Hernandez said. “People complain about tuition being so high, but a lot of money comes from donors and goes towards that.”

Members of Student Ambassadors are also involved in a number of organizations.

“One of the best things I’ve seen is that these thirty diverse people are working together to achieve something really great,” Read said.

Trinity students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to make a gift during Thanks A Giver Week. They can learn more about opportunities for giving back through the Student Ambassadors Facebook page.