Theatre department wins big at Alamo Theatre Arts Council awards ceremony


NICHOLAS CHAMPION, SASHA FAUST and MATTHEW REYNOLDS were all smiles as they walked down the red carpet at the Empire Theatre just prior to the awards ceremony beginning. Photo provided by SASHA FAUST

Trinity’s theatre department is used to being in the spotlight onstage during their performances, but at the Alamo Theatre Arts Council (ATAC) 26th Annual Globe Awards, students, faculty and alumni were in the spotlight to receive awards for their hard work.

The Awards ceremony occurred at the Empire Theatre in downtown San Antonio on Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. Two actresses who are well-known in the San Antonio theatre community hosted the event and the awards were given out by various members involved in the arts and theatre community.

Several students were in attendance, as well as Kyle Gillette, an associate professor of theatre and human communications. For one of the student attendees, Nicholas Champion, a sophomore theatre and communications double major, the event was made up of multiple good points.

“It was certainly an interesting event. There were several performances throughout the night that were just very entertaining, and the whole thing was really just a whirlwind of awards and personalities. My favorite part of the night was definitely the company I had,” said Champion.

Sasha Faust, a junior human communications and art, theatre and philosophy interdisciplinary major, also enjoyed the company, but it was not her favorite part of the night.

“My favorite thing was seeing so many people from the San Antonio theatre and arts community dressed to the nines there supporting and celebrating each other,” Faust said. “It also was really cool to see Trinity being honored for something I had seen and done over the last year.”

Three of Trinity’s productions were considered, and won a total of 14 awards. “How I Learned to Drive” received awards for both outstanding lead actor and lead actress. “Mousetrap” received two awards as well, for outstanding supporting actor and scene design.  “The Threepenny Opera” was awarded ten total and the awards ranged from acting, direction, design, choreography and production.

Matthew Reynolds, a senior music and urban studies double major, won an outstanding supporting actor award for his role in “The Threepenny Opera” as Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum, a character who organizes all of the beggars in London.

“It was fun and interesting because it was not like your normal glitzy award show. There were performances and people were up talking the whole time. So it was very lax, but also high energy because everyone was so excited just to have been in a production that was being honored,” said Reynolds.

Although Faust did not win an award, she was proud of the theatre department.

“It’s exciting because it means that people are noticing that Trinity theater is really a reckoning force. I think that our department had a pretty strong year last year and that we’ve got a really beautiful core unit of people who are working together to create these pieces. I think that being recognized will encourage the theater department to continue heading in that direction in our future productions,” said Faust.

The theatre department’s upcoming event is “Between Worlds: A Devised Piece” opens at 8 p.m. on Nov. 11 in the Stieren Theatre. The show will run from Nov. 11 to 13 and then Nov. 16 to 19 with varying showtimes. Tickets may be purchased online or at ticket booths.