Republicans: I’m with you!

Republicans: Im with you!

Calling all Trinity conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and deplorables: This article is probably the only article that you want to read in this edition of the Trinitonian.

Following the shocking results of the presidential election, colleges all over the country have turned into oversized day cares. Administrators have been working overtime to come up with ways to console our left-wing classmates. Of course, we all know that if Clinton had won, there wouldn’t be any of this coddling for conservatives. Instead, there would have been university-sponsored events celebrating the election of Hillary Clinton “” spending our tuition and student activity fee dollars, most likely. However, in the upset of the century, Donald Trump is the president-elect.

Following this momentous upset, the Democrat Fear Machine is in full swing. Of course, non-progressives on this campus know fear all too well. When I showed up at the Trinity Election Night Watch Party, a public event open to all Trinity students, I was immediately accosted by a progressive student who threatened, “You have a lot of nerve showing up here” “” as if I weren’t a member of the Trinity community and had no business attending the event. This is the attitude many non-progressive students feel that a significant amount of students on campus have toward them. In this case, this student who was enraged by the election results had enough cognitive thinking ability to realize that it’s probably not the best idea to fight someone 6 inches taller than you and 50 pounds heavier. So, he fled.

The next day, the amount of love and support that I received from the underground non-progressives on campus was amazing. The number of students who came up to me terrified, looked around to make sure no one could see and gave me a hug was astonishing. The number of students who came up to me and told me that they had been exiled from their friends and felt alone on campus was shameful.

For all the non-progressive students on campus, my message is simple: “I’m with you!” You want someone to get coffee with you and talk about how corrupt Clinton is and how America dodged a bullet? Text me, email me, Facebook message me and I’ll be there. Want someone to spike the football and chest bump you? I’m with you! Want a shoulder to cry on because your friends have turned on you? I’m with you! Want to get active on this campus and create a better environment for people like us? I’m with you! We will be your support team for this entire campus. I will be your champion and I will support you. Most importantly, on this campus, “I’m with you!”

To the progressives on campus who get the urge to go after someone because of this election “” leave your non-progressive friends alone. Come after me, I’m the one you want. Come and take it.

Manfred Wendt is a sophomore political science major. He’s also the president and chairman of Tigers For Liberty. Follow him on Twitter @wendtmanfred