Letter: On the Anderson talk

Letter: On the Anderson talk

I think it’s great for student organizations to invite provocative speakers to campus (Dr. Ryan Anderson lecture, Nov. 17).

But why did the Tigers for Liberty bring someone who was obsessed with controlling people’s genitalia? Anderson’s bizarre and relentless exploration of how and why men and women penetrate one another was made all the more perverted by his pedantic delivery and convoluted adoption of scientific, philosophical and religious discourse.

The lecture was inconsistent with the aspirations of higher education as it obfuscated and confused the barely lingering political controversy over same-sex marriage.

The evening’s presentation laid down a challenge, however, to critical thinking for everyone trying to understand the significance of the event.

For me, the big takeaway was that homophobia cloaked in logic, reason and footnotes is more pernicious and dangerous than the slurs and attacks of blatant bigotry.

I hope the lecture’s “lesson” was not lost on the audience.

Robert Huesca is a professor of communication.