New faculty soccer team is a keeper


Photo by Web Editor Alex Motter

Trinity’s intramural sports department has a variety of activities and teams to appeal to a variety of interests. Now, the department is taking its games to a whole new level by adding a 2017 faculty and staff soccer team.

The team, called It’s in the Syllabus, prioritizes scoring some goals, getting some exercise and having fun.

“I used to teach at  The College of William and Mary, and a colleague of mine in chemistry and I started a faculty flag football team, and we won the championship. I’m a classicist; she’s a chemist. Why would we ever meet? It’s in the Syllabus is completely open to anybody who is enthusiastic about joining the team. Especially at a place like Trinity, it just emphasizes the sense of community,” said Ann Morgan, a classical studies professor, founder and captain of the team.

It’s in the Syllabus is made up of members of all different skill levels and ages, with a couple of particularly exceptional star players.

“There’s a professor, Amer Kaissi. He runs a Sunday evening pick-up game for faculty and students, and has for a while now. There’s also a lot of hype around Katsuo Nishikawa, and another friend of mine, Shana McDermott, has never played before; I just convinced her to join,” Morgan said.

While the faculty and staff begin to interact with each other and start working together as a unit on the field, they are also able to connect with students outside of the classroom.

Some students have expressed delight in playing against It’s in the Syllabus in this coming season.

“I played for the varsity soccer team, but didn’t end up playing this year. Lots of kids like me used to play for varsity team, but there was no middle of the road soccer team. I looked into it a little bit and created the club constitution, then I started reaching out to the guys who were interested and asked them if they wanted to play,” said Trey Foster, a first year Spanish and business administration double major.

The initative of the professors have encouraged other students to begin the process of starting teams of their own to also compete.

“If my fraternity ends up making a co-ed intramural team, it would definitely be interesting to play against some teachers” said Nick Morrison, a junior chemistry major.

The intramural sports department faculty is also excited to see this team get involved with the student intramural soccer teams.

“It is a great opportunity for faculty and staff to interact with students. They are encouraged to participate in any intramural, league or tournament, at no extra cost,” said Kristen Harrison, the interim assistant athletic director for internal affairs and It’s in the Syllabus member.

It’s in the Syllabus will be playing against other teams Jan. 22. through Feb. 23 weekly on the Intramural Field. Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to join or create their own teams by registering their players at