Within the first two weeks of January, everyone and everything is centered around New Year’s resolutions. We ask ourselves and others what our resolutions are, but don’t figure out or ask how we’ll accomplish them.

One reason why accomplishing these resolutions is hard is because they’re too vague. For instance, if your New Year’s resolution is to get fit or lose weight, it’s not going to happen. Let’s be real. Assess your environment and figure out whether or not this resolution can actually be fulfilled. If it can’t, then set reasonable goals for yourself.

It’s easy to say that you’ll work out, but if you think of specific ways to increase your chance of working out and staying fit, it will be easier to stick to them. For example, take the stairs to class, spend your bonus bucks at Freshii instead of Einstein’s and drink more water instead of coffee or energy drinks.

Find an inspiration like those really fit YouTube and Instagram girls that put up workout videos and/or have a workout buddy who also has the same resolutions as you, and hold each other accountable.

According to Google, another common resolution is to “learn something new.” Again, this is too vague. If you want to learn a new language this year, for example, make a schedule and find the appropriate tools you’ll need to learn the language.

One resolution I constantly hear is to spend less time on social media and to just “enjoy the moment.” I honestly believe that the only way to reduce your time on social media is to deactivate your account(s). However, if you want to keep your accounts and find more time to just live life, whatever that means, schedule time for when you check your social media. It sounds silly, but if you make a habit of only going on social media during certain times of the day, those habits will stick and you’ll achieve your goal. At the start of each year, we like to think that we’re completely starting over when in reality, we stay the same and just add on more things we want to do and accomplish with our resolutions. Once we get back into the swing of things “” whether it be school or work – stress kicks in, our lives get busier and we end up disregarding our goals.

So think of your resolution as a plan and make time for it. Hold yourself accountable and keep yourself motivated by making small goals for yourself that will eventually fulfill your larger resolution. If you take the time to think about and plan for how you’re actually going to go through with the resolutions you’ve set for yourself, they’ll be easier to accomplish.