Senior works out her fitness trainer snags


BECCA BOND, center, poses with some of her students following one of her workout classes. Bond’s Instagram account has garnered almost 1,000 followers, which has helped bring in more attendees to her classes. Photo provided by Becca Bond

From Trinity swimmer to CrossFit enthusiast to FitFusion trainer and growing Instagram star, Becca Bond’s fitness career has developed and changed extensively throughout her college years. Her love for working out and living healthy has developed into a passion that she now wants to share with others. Her competitive drive and ambitious goals have always pushed her to excel, but through her journey to become a fitness trainer, Bond has dramatically changed her views on food and fitness.

Bond credits her passion for competition and sport to her many years as a competitive swimmer. After over a decade of her life spent swimming, Becca reached a point where she knew it was time to move on.

“Becca was a talented swimmer and a terrific competitor. She took no prisoners. She came and gave it her best shot for three seasons. She won a conference championship and that was a personal goal of hers” said John Ryan, who coached Becca during her Trinity swimming career.

Bond left the world of swimming behind for CrossFit and weightlifting, eventually transitioning into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and cycling workouts, which is how she found the gym where she works.

“I knew it was exactly what I wanted and I found that same, “˜Gets your heart racing, really pushes you’ competitive spirit that I had had with swimming. And so after few days, one of the owners of the gym said, “˜Hey have you ever thought about teaching? And I was like, “˜Actually yes!'” said Bond, a senior engineering major.

After about six months working as a trainer and over a year of sharing her fitness journey through her Instagram account, Bond has now grown accustomed to the challenges of finding the right eating habits to balance her intensive workouts.

“I would say the biggest challenge I had at first was understanding that food is fuel. I think healthy options and more knowledge about healthy food is becoming available, but it’s still kind of ingrained in us that food can make you fat, food can make you unhealthy. And that’s not necessarily true. I did a lot of research on nutrition and healthy eating. I thought, “˜I can eat all of this healthy food and it will help me and it will heal me and it will help me reach my goals.’ That’s probably the hardest thing that I overcame,” Bond said.

Trinity students who have participated in Becca’s various classes appreciate her passion she puts into the workouts.

“I’ve known Becca for a long time and she’s always been super dedicated to health and fitness. Her 45 minute HIIT class kicked my butt. I don’t know how she does it, but she was able to do the workout with us, keep up with the music and motivate us throughout the whole thing,” said Abigail Sheppard, senior psychology and sports management double major.

Although Becca is very dedicated to teaching fitness and staying healthy, her true love is engineering. Because engineering and fitness cannot easily be matched up, Becca says that she plans to pursue a career in engineering while keeping fitness as a hobby on the side.

Becca also highlighted the difference between a healthy and unhealthy habit of working out.

“It’s a habit that I love and am passionate about and I love being able to help other people, but I will say that another challenge is that a lot of people think it’s obsessive. And some people when they first see the instagram or hear about it and don’t hear the full story, think it’s unhealthy habit, which it definitely could be if you don’t go about it the right way. But my main focus has been whole foods, working out to strengthen my body, not to lose weight, not to get skinnier, and stuff like that,” Bond said.

Check out her Instagram fitness account (@bbond_fit) or catch Becca at her FitFusion studio for a workout you won’t forget.