Make your gift

Make your gift

Attention, seniors! We, Brenna Hill and Natalie Belew, come to you as classmates, friends, and the Senior Gift Committee Co-Chairs for the Class of 2017. It is surreal that we will be graduating in only a few short months. As we all reflect on the past four years here at Trinity, we want to take a moment to explain the importance of giving back to this community that has given us all so much. We, as seniors, are empowered to make a difference at Trinity by contributing to the Senior Gift Campaign.

What is a Senior Gift? This is a way for us, as students, to give back to Trinity. You can support scholarships for future tigers by making a gift to the Trinity Fund or you can designate your gift to a department or athletic team that has made a difference in your Trinity experience.

You’re most likely thinking, “Give more money to Trinity? Really? This place has already taken enough of my money, time, and sanity… why would I give even more?”

Hear us out… we aren’t asking for much. It might sound crazy but this is actually the time in our Trinity career when we should be giving back the most. About 83 percent of our Senior Class has not yet made any type of donation.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Senior Gift:

It’s for a good cause. You aren’t just “giving money to Trinity.” You’re giving someone else the opportunity to receive a Trinity education. Think about your favorite faculty members, your favorite campus organizations, and the memories you’ve made on campus. Making a gift is a way to say “thank you” for all the experiences Trinity has made possible.

You get to sign a brick. If you make a class gift of $20.17, you get to sign a brick at the top of the Trinity tower during the Tower Climb, making your everlasting mark on Trinity!

We want to be #1. The highest Senior Class participation rate to date is 67 percent. We need 276 more seniors to make a gift to top that. We already know our class is the best, but let’s make it known to everyone else, too.

You can win prizes. All students who make a gift (of any amount) by March 31 will be eligible to win an awesome diploma frame!

You can donate any amount. Whether it’s $20.17 or $1, any amount really does make a difference, and we appreciate your contribution!

Okay, now that we’ve enlightened you all to the wonders of Senior Gift, it’s your turn to take action! With your help, the graduating class of 2017 can make a significant impact on campus and leave a lasting legacy for Trinity University. Won’t you join us and give $20.17 for 2017? Let’s make our mark!