Trinity alum scored touchdown after being offered dream job post-graduation


AYNAV LEIBOWITZ (center) poses with her coworker JESSE CLARK (left) and boss ERIC SANINOCENCIO (right) on the field of NRG Stadium before kickoff begins at a Houston Texans game. Photo by MICHELLE WATSON

Aynav Leibowitz “˜16 acknowledges the impact her friends and professors had on her journey to working for the Houston Texans

Aynav Leibowitz “˜16 is a recent graduate whose impact on the Trinity community is still discussed by peers and faculty. After majoring in communication, Leibowitz found work with the Houston Texans in their broadcasting and digital media department, where she assists by their team updating all social media accounts and websites.

“People think that the Texans are just an NFL team, but the reality is that sports really help the community as well, whether it is through financial help or community service. One of my favorite events was the special Olympic flag football game, where the players interacted with the kids. The two hours not only affected the players, but also gave the kids a great experience, and showed that there’s more to sports than just the actual game.” Leibowitz said.

Leibowitz traces all of her skills back to her time at Trinity.

“I loved Trinity; I think it was a fantastic experience, and I implement a lot of what I learned there into my professional life,” Leibowitz said.

Leibowitz was extremely active on campus; she was an executive officer for Alpha Chi Lambda, a sports editor for the Trinitonian and an executive producer for TigerTV’s “Not So Late Show,” where she made some of her favorite memories.

“I made it a point to bring animals onto the show; we brought two llamas and a sloth onto campus once. It was great seeing the whole crew enjoy hanging out with funny animals and take pictures with them,” Leibowitz said.

Leibowitz made a big impact in her classes as well; Andrew Hansen, an associate professor of human communication and theatre, fondly recalls her presence in his classes.

“Aynav was always up-beat, she was incredibly mature and had a sense of wisdom about her. She seemed to be very well-rounded so she could get along with all different sorts of people,” Hansen said.

Despite her dedication to school and extracurriculars, Leibowitz maintained a busy social life at Trinity as a loyal friend to many.

“No matter what’s going on, Aynav always manages to go out of her way for the people she loves. She is truly the best and most sincere friend that anyone could wish for,” said Ronja Behrends, a Trinity alum who was Leibowitz’s Alpha Chi sorority sister. “Aynav always reminds me that everything is a learning experience and truly takes that advice to heart. She is the person whose advice I trust the most, and who I turn to when I need guidance or perspective.”

Leibowitz suggests students pursuing their dream careers take time to enjoy the benefits of college.

“In the real world you have to worry about paying bills, but in college you can take on a lot of crazy things and explore more. Trinity gives you an amazing platform to try a huge variety of things, so take advantage of that,” Leibowitz said.