Comedy and music frontrunners coming soon to San Antonio


Face and Graphic of Alex Motter

One of the many benefits that one enjoys by living in a city such as San Antonio is the opportunity to experience performances from a plethora of artists and acts. You might think that all of the good stuff goes to Austin, but you have another thing coming.

As the city continues to grow and attract young people from not only Texas, but the country at large, San Antonio is becoming more and more enticing for artists to visit and put on some great shows. The following is a brief rundown of a handful of upcoming shows to keep an eye out for in the San Antonio area.

Bert Kreischer is a comedian who will be performing at the Laugh out Loud Comedy club from February 23 to February 26. The comedian recently blew up and started to gain a lot of clout after a clip from his stand up special “The Machine” went viral on Facebook. In the clip, a shirtless Bert Kreischer stands before a crowd and recounts the time, while studying abroad in Russia, he was briefly inducted into the mob and robbed a train all while heavily intoxicated.

The 43 year old comedian has certainly had an interesting career trajectory. Kreischer’s first claim to fame was when he was featured in a 1997 article published in Rolling Stone where he was named “the top partier” at Florida State University.

Since then, Kreischer has appeared in a number of television shows, podcasts, and radio interviews. Bert’s persona on stage is very much the same as his persona off-stage, a comic who is adept at keeping his audience totally engaged with incredibly high energy delivery. Seeing him perform live, especially in the small intimate setting the Laugh Out Loud comedy club provides, is an experience you don’t want to miss, especially if you are interested in becoming a comedian through the medium of the internet.

Moving away from comedy, if you’re a fan of hip hop, TDE member Isaiah Rashad will be performing at Alamo City Music Hall on Saturday Feb 25th. In August of last year, Rashad dropped his debut album “The Sun’s Tirade” to wide commercial acclaim.

This album was fiercely anticipated by fans, who were eager to finally hear a full- length album from Rashad. The Tennessee born rapper is often praised for his laid back delivery and the production value of his songs. If you’re interested in attending a concert for one of hip-hop’s rising stars, look no further.

As long as we’re discussing rap, if you’re willing to roll the dice and take a chance, I would suggest looking into getting tickets to see Ugly God perform at Paper Tiger on March 11th. Ugly God is currently one of hip hop’s most polarizing figures. Ugly God made his debut on Mar 16, 2016, when he released the song “Water”.

The track, along with the music video, went viral, with vastly different reactions. The video featured the rapper, Ugly God, perched on a boat spouting a series of outlandishly vulgar and arguably misogynistic lyrics.

However, there was a satirical air to the song that suggested that the listener not take what Ugly God was saying too seriously. The lyrics, beat, and flow were delivered in a very simplistic manner, yet quite compelling in a way. If you’re interested in seeing one of hip hop’s most controversial figures perform, I would highly recommend giving his show a chance (or three).