A season for giving up

A season for giving up

Believe it or not, we have already been in school for eight weeks. March is here, and midterms are in full swing. The assignments we anticipated when we first got our syllabi are slowly becoming a reality, rather than a distant opponent that we can worry about “when the time comes.” The time has come, and it is passing too quickly.

The beginning of March also marks the beginning of the celebration of Lent, a Catholic tradition commemorating the sacrifice of Christ and promoting reflection upon it. Catholics observe Lent by giving up a hobby, comfort, indulgence or habit for 40 days to attempt to comprehend all their god gave up for them, according to their faith.

If we’re honest, midterms, uncertainty about summer plans, next year’s housing arrangements and the impending stress of job and internship searches put piety far from the minds of even the most devout members of our student body. Instead of giving up chocolate, alcohol or Netflix, we’re all ready to just give up. Our actions and attitudes tend to be less righteous as our workload becomes increasingly overwhelming and our revelry reaches a climax during the spring break.

Religious or not, reflecting on the luxuries and privileges we enjoy as students at Trinity can help put the stress into perspective. Not to say that lack of sleep and work that seems unending does not take it’s toll “” it does “” but it is a small price to pay for the education and experiences we are receiving.

Maybe this will help. Think about what you were doing last Friday. Probably putting off an assignment because you had “plenty of time” before it was due? That moment probably feels like just yesterday and you’ve probably just frantically finished putting the finishing touches on said assignment because that time passed much faster than you anticipated. But on the bright side, remember that by this time next Friday, we will be hitting the road, heading into spring break. Just like today came faster than we anticipated seven days ago, next Friday will be here before we know it.

So if you want to be sanctified by giving up your creature comforts, either for Lent or simply for personal reflection, by all means do so. But don’t make yourself miserable, especially when there are such good things to come.