Our Trinity Bucket List


Illustration by Yessenia Lopez

Starting college can be a daunting experience. With so many opportunities to take advantage of at Trinity and in San Antonio, it can feel like an insurmountable task to fit everything into four years. A bucket list is an easy way to keep track of everything. While this is by no means a complete list of everything that can be done in and around San Antonio during your time at Trinity, hopefully this list will help you experience so many of the wonderful opportunities Trinity has to offer.

  • Make at least five jokes about PlayFair
  • Pretend to know the songs at Cashmere Cat’s Welcome Week concert
  • Learn how to beat the textbook system
  • Get on at least six club email lists without actually going to one of their meetings
  • Convince a professor to have class outside
  • Realize having class outside isn’t as fun as you thought it would be
  • Spend a night in the library
  • Use LeeRoy emails to figure out how late it is
  • Find the ghosts in the Holt Center
  • Learn how to identify the Greek organizations by something other than jersey color
  • Attend a political lecture on campus, whether you agree with them or not
  • Run out of Bonus Bucks before the end of the semester
  • Really learn how to procrastinate

  • Find something you’re passionate enough about to major in
  • Accept the fact that it’s okay to switch majors
  • Get up the courage to participate in the Dean’s Half-Marathon Challenge
  • Experience your first (legal) ThursBays

  • Walk across the stage at graduation without tripping
  • Experience graduation night at Pat O’Brien’s