Hester’s “Laughletics”: Finding the humor in broken humeri


Illustration by Yessenia Lopez

In the third grade, I got hit in the face with a basketball that had rolled into some poison ivy earlier and had poison ivy all over my face for several weeks. In the ninth grade, wearing a big, sweaty lion mascot suit during a midday six-man football game, I tripped over a little girl and my head fell off.

Turns out I’m not alone. As a high school senior, a teammate of mine got hit in the balls during a soccer game, and then later in the same game got hit in the balls again, and then again “” three times in one game. We all make mistakes. Chances are, if you’ve ever played a sport, you’ve probably done something stupid or had something silly happen. Lots of our fellow Trinity students have also had mishaps happen in sports and have done stupid things in games.

“There was this one girl I didn’t like on my softball team when I was in middle school. In practice, she was about to catch a pop-up and I was like “˜Hey, (her name)!’ and she looked over and the ball hit her in the nose. Her nose started bleeding and I started laughing and she had to go to the hospital. I felt really bad later, though,” said Emily Reck, sophomore communication major.

“I wore the wrong shoes for tennis and I slipped during a match,” said Katie Warford, sophomore art major.

“I was 10 and playing soccer. My friend was the goalie. She punched the ball and it went into our goal,” said Erin Crooks, junior communication major.

“I got hit in the face with a basketball and it broke my glasses. I wasn’t even playing. I was watching,” said Joyce Palmer, junior urban studies major.

“I tackled myself in a football game,” said Blake Frampton, senior communication major.

“I broke my wrist in a basketball game. Well, in a scrimmage, on the way back to the bench. I tripped over a piece of tape and broke my wrist,” said Morgan Block, junior geoscience major.

“One time at a championship meet, I peed in the warm-up pool. It had taken me like 30 minutes to get my race suit on so I wasn’t about to take it off to pee! So I peed in the corner of the warm-up pool, and when I got out, I heard a couple of girls giggling “˜Did you do it over there?’ I came up to them and said “˜Did y’all just pee in the pool too?’ And they said “˜What? No. That’s disgusting!'” said Hannah Larson, junior accounting major.

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