Cà Phê Sữa Đá: A Vietnamese delicacy

Cà Phê Sữa Đá: A Vietnamese delicacy

Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist September 23, 2021

If you know me, you know that I’m more of a juice and tea person than a coffee person. But I would drink Vietnamese coffee (cà phê sữa đá) in a heartbeat, and by that I mean the flavors, taste...

Face filters, plastic surgery and social media

Face filters, plastic surgery and social media

Mai Vo, Opinion Columnist September 9, 2021

To be honest, I thought that the pandemic situation would have improved by now, but sadly I must admit that, like during quarantine, I still spend an embarrassing amount of time staring at myself in the...

Exploring the early-2000s roots of todays indie-pop

Exploring the early-2000s roots of today’s indie-pop

Iconic sounds from early 2000s pop-rock have found a home in Gen-Z's playlists and music
Ayden Smith, Arts Reporter September 9, 2021

What we listen to, watch and spend time doing shapes us in both big and small ways. Artists of all different types both intentionally and unintentionally wear their influences on their sleeve, and some...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

How TikTok helped me find my new favorite musician

Jordyn Guzman November 5, 2020

illustration by Kate NuelleOk, I’m gonna say it. I am not a fan of TikTok. Sure, I have an account and watch singular videos that my friends send me, but I don’t post or scroll through it for...

Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Ethical streaming and supporting musicians in an age of monopolies

Carmine Villarreal October 14, 2020

illustration by Gracen HoylePopular streaming platforms are deeply, deeply flawed. Independent musicians are barely able to make a comfortable wage with the way the paying models of streaming platforms...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Reflecting on Kobe Bryant’s legacy in wake of his death

Brian Yancelson January 30, 2020

Illustration by Andrea NebhutEarly Sunday afternoon, sports, the country and the whole world lost a legend when a helicopter crashed into the hills of Calabasas, California, killing nine people, including...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

A case for the integration of graphic novels into education

Austin Davidson November 13, 2019

illustration by Andrea NebhutThe first graphic novel I read was a series called "Bone." It follows the Bone brothers and the many adventures they have, with the final book remaining to this day to be one...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

How do we choose the music we like?

Austin Davidson September 26, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutThe other day, my sister asked me, “Why do you like Tom Misch so much?” I replied that I like his blend of modern jazz and cord based indie, yet an equally valid...

Why I love reading fantasy novels

Why I love reading fantasy novels

Austin Davidson September 5, 2019

Illustration by Ren Rader, guest contributorOver the summer, when I wasn’t watching movies or eating far too much watermelon, I was reading as much as I could, something I hadn’t been doing...

Following your team

Following your team

Austin Davidson January 22, 2019

This break I spent a lot of time watching soccer, specifically Everton, the team I support. Everton is in the British Premier League, and they have recently been giving a master class in how to be truly...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

“Aquaman” holds no water to “Moana”

Elise Hester January 22, 2019

”Aquaman” made a billion dollars — staggering, especially considering that “Aquaman” is not a good movie. There were several contradictions to “Justice League,”...

The importance of sports communities

The importance of sports communities

Austin Davidson November 5, 2018

Last weekend, I helped coach my cousin’s three vs. three soccer tournament. Since his team was all dressed as Minions, I, of course, had to wear my Minion onesie to maintain the theme. As I stood...

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