Concert cancellation; A Cashmere Cat-astrophe?


illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Trinity’s annual Welcome Week concert is one of the largest events put on by the university. With performances from high-profile musicians, this event signals the kickoff not only to the academic year, but to the social year, as well. Older students reconnect with their friends at this concert after spending a summer apart; first-years create some of their first new friendships, bonding over their enjoyment “” or maybe lack thereof “” of the year’s headliner.

This August, there was a sense about campus that this year’s concert would be different from those of the past. With mysterious Norwegian DJ Cashmere Cat as this year’s musical talent, we at the Arts and Entertainment section were anticipating an event as unique and cutting edge as the headliner himself. Instead, the concert proved to be different in an entirely different way “” it did not happen at all.

On Aug. 25, the Trinity student body was informed of the cancellation of Trinity’s annual Welcome Week concert in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey. Though Houston and many surrounding areas of southeast Texas have been ravaged by the tropical storm, Trinity “” as well as the rest of San Antonio “” has thankfully weathered the event relatively unscathed, aside from some harsh winds and minor flooding.

With San Antonio no longer in range of the tropical storm, the sudden cancellation of the Welcome Week concert has left several questions in its wake. In order to find out the exact details of the event’s sudden change, A&E contributor Austin Davidson conducted an interview with Shannon Edmond, of Trinity’s Student Involvement department.

AD: So here’s the big question: Is the event going to be rescheduled?

SE: Yes. There’s not a specific date as of now, but hopefully before the end of the first semester, and hopefully before Thanksgiving. Due to both the busy schedules of the university and the artist, the date at this time isn’t available.

AD: Have we already paid him?

SE:  No, he didn’t even fly into Texas. He was supposed to fly out to Houston but couldn’t due to Harvey. We are still in contact with him and his agent.

AD: Where does the money go if all of these plans fall through?

SE: It will go back into the budget to then be used for other events.

Despite the turmoil caused by tropical storm Harvey, it seems as though Student Involvement has not given up on providing Trinity’s students with a big-budget, high-profile event.

This is one Trinity tradition that will weather the storm, albeit a bit delayed.