Previously on SGA: Former Senator Edition


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On Monday, Sept. 29, the Student Government Association meeting was called to order, and the Senate welcomed four new senators: sophomore Benjamin Gonzalez and seniors John Croxton, Lena Dennington and Katie Middleton. The floor was opened for guest comments.



Senior Samy Abdallah was the only guest in attendance. He raised concerns about some of the proposed changes to the constitution.



Senator Juan Luevanos, sophomore, raised concerns about the information and help international students get from International Student Scholar Services. Senators Angel Ramirez and Benjamin Gonzalez, both sophomores, volunteered to help Luevanos with this situation.

Senator Simone Washington, sophomore, brought up the issue of the updated travel ban and suggested SGA help advertise for events Career Services has coming up to help international students get work visas and jobs after graduation.

Senator Ty Tinker, sophomore, voiced a concern about the many fire alarms that have gone off in Prassel Hall since the start of the semester.



The Indian Student Association requested $3,885 for Diwali costumes, t-shirts and decorations. The total amount was approved.

The Department of Human Communications and Theatre requested $2,840 in subsidized tickets for the Theatre for Social Change program. The amount was not approved.

The Prowlers dance team requested $1,648.50 to buy new costumes. The total amount was approved.

The Trinity Society of Women Engineers requested $3,150 to attend the Society of Women Engineers National Conference 2017 in Austin. The money covers two days of workshops, flights, lodging and registration fees. The approval of the amount was tabled.

Alex Perkowski, senior and former SGA senator, entered the room in a banana suit and requested $1,500 for a pizza party for himself to lampoon the fact that SGA will hear funding requests from any student. The amount was not approved.



The senate held another vote for minor changes made to the preamble. The changes were approved. The changes to Article 5, which details the responsibilities, were also approved. Article 7, which concerns the role of advisers, did not reach a two-thirds threshold and did not pass. Article 8, Section 1, which describes SGA meetings, was approved. The rest of the review was tabled for the next meeting.