From the editors’ desk: Support your Trinity staff!


graphic by Tyler Herron

Last Monday, Nov. 13, was World Kindness Day. Since 1998, the World Kindness Movement has worked to promote niceness across the globe; the easiest way to do this is to take time out of the day to perform a little act of kindness for someone.

We figured we would chip in and offer some kind words of our own to the folks that make our time at Trinity as great as it is. Students really can’t be grateful enough for the work that the staff on university payroll, at Aramark and with GCA Services Group put in for our sake.

It takes a lot of effort to make our campus as nice as possible. Beautification, bureaucracy, custodial and food services, mailing and packages – the list goes on.

All the amenities that drew us to Trinity when we were mere high school seniors are made possible by others”™ hard work.

We’re a viable university because we have nice things, and their work is our benefit. It’s too easy to not pay attention to the people who help us, but they do so much. It’d be irresponsible and rude to ignore them.

So, during production night, the Trinitonian editorial staff traded stories about our favorite staffers. Of course, this is inherently unfair: There are too many workers whose efforts are hidden far behind the scenes, so of course we don’t encounter them on a regular basis. (The people in the physical plant, for instance, come to mind.)

Nevertheless, we have a few nice things to say, so here they go.

Our social media guru shared a story about the time he had realized that, despite the fact that GCA had sent the same cleaning staff member to clean his room three times, he didn’t have a clue what her name was.

He felt bad for never asking despite the repeat visits, so the next time she came through, he asked and chatted a while.

“That’s a valuable thing, knowing the people who help us.”

On that note, let’s remember that college students are adults. There’s really no reason that we should have other people cleaning our bathrooms. We could do that ourselves. But their help is definitely noticed.

Also, there are many who maintain the university’s grounds, week-in and week-out. Shout-out to the guys who pause their leaf blowers and other machinery when students walk by; we’re sure it’s annoying for you, but it’s an appreciated kindness.

Several editors had praise for the workers who handle our food in the Commons and at Mabee. Kathryn and Candice are staff favorites. Jana and Richard in the omelette line are friendly faces; Ginger is hilarious, as is Randy, and everyone loves Tommy and Yolanda. Thank you all for your cheerful attitudes and constant help!

Some of our stories were a bit more confessional in nature. An opinion columnist confessed that he been hanging around with his roommate late one night during their first year. In the midst of their roughhousing, the roommate threw a glass bottle at a wall outside of Witt-Winn, but our writer felt bad about the mess immediately afterward.

“As funny as it can be, maintenance has to clean that up. Think about who’s responsible for the pranks you pull.”

Consensus settled across the room when we vented together about the people who urinate in the Thomas elevators and punch out the ceiling tiles in Thomas and Lightner hallways. To the people who are tasked with cleaning after and undoing these rude, unthoughtful pranks: We are so grateful for your work.

Space doesn’t permit us to continue listing the people whose work we appreciate, and we know that there are plenty out there whose efforts go unnoticed.

The best we can do is ask this: Next time you have the chance, smile and wave at the people who work so that we can enjoy the Trinity experience, or strike up a friendly conversation.

Together, we can each introduce a little more kindness to the world.