Previously, on SGA: The End of an Era


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This issue covers the meetings held Nov. 20 and Nov. 27


Senator Callie Struby voiced students’ complaints about Counseling Services. Complaints include students being turned away due to lack of space and for being “too high-functioning.” Struby suggested another senator volunteer to act as a liaison between Counseling Services and students. Senator Ty Tinker volunteered.

Senator Simone Washington spoke about the Texas Student Government Coalition that she and President Nick Santulli attended. She discussed several initiatives that they focused on at the conference, including sexual assault, open access to educational resources, Samaritan law and mental health.


Article 3 Section 1, which concerns the attendance policy that senators must follow, was approved.

Article 3 Section 5 subsection A, which states that the chief of staff must notify senators of demerits via private email. The subsection was approved.

Article 3 Section 6 subsections A-D were approved. The subsections define the authority and position of the Student Conduct Board in the Judicial Review.

Article 5 Section 5 defines the role of the constitutional review committee. The section was approved.

Article 6 Section 2 subsection B clarifies that members of the Election Committee must not publicly oppose or support any candidates. The subsection was approved.

Language in Article 9 Section B was refined for clarity. The revisions were approved.


SGA welcomed Sharon Curry, sustainability coordinator, to a meeting after concerns about glass recycling on campus were raised at an earlier meeting. Curry explained the university’s priority to increase recycling on campus and discussed opportunities for SGA to help support recycling efforts on campus.


Global Health Initiative requested $2,323.15 to bring Fareed Mahmood Khan, associate professor at Baylor College of Science and relative of a member of the Global Health Initiative, to speak about global health. The request was denied.

Black Student Union requested $5,993.80 for registration and hotels, among other things, to attend the 30th annual Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference. An amount of $5,588.88 was approved.

The Vietnamese Student Association requested $4,760.15 for the 2018 Lunar New Year show. The request was denied.