A farewell from the 2017-2018 Greek Council executives


Some members of the 2017-2018 Greek Council executive board pose together by Miller Fountain during Bid Day 2017. Co-author Claire Poland stands second from the left. photo by Daniel Conrad

As Bid Day quickly approaches, Greek Council has been busy preparing to welcome all the New Active Classes of 2018. This process has allowed us to reflect back on the past year on Greek Council, and for some of us, the past three years in Greek Life. Looking back, we remember the excitement that we felt on Bid Day.


Claire Poland, Greek Council treasurer and sister of Gamma Chi Delta:

Three years ago, when I picked up my Bid Card from the Witt Center, I truly had no idea of the kind of sisterhood I was being welcomed into. I can still feel the energy that I felt running towards my club on that cold February afternoon.

Little did I know that the group of 23 women standing beside me in the freezing Miller Fountain water would become my constant sources of joy, comfort and study buddies. They have helped shape every single thing about my Trinity experience. These ladies have pushed me to become the best version of myself, and for that, I will always be in their debt.

What sticks with me the most about that short afternoon in early 2015 is that each person accepting their bid was able to find their home away from home, their people, their pals, and it would not have happened without Trinity seeing value in the Greek system.


Tory Tolar, Greek Council service chair and sister of Chi Beta Epsilon:

I remember feeling a sense of joy and slight nervousness as I waited after my class on Friday to start Bid Day. Even though I had only gone to one third round party and had only “preffed” one organization, I was still not sure if I was actually going to get a bid. Even if you know, you don’t really “know.”

When I opened the envelope that said “Tory Tolar” on it, I was thrilled to see the organization of my choice had decided to extend me a bid. After signing it, I first ran to Murchison Lawn to meet the new organization president, and continued up to Miller Fountain to meet a bunch of people I had never met before in my life.

That didn’t really matter though, as we all soon became friends and they are now some of my best friends at Trinity. Bid Day will always be a turning point for me, as my sorority has continuously pushed me to be a better sister, friend and leader.


When we came into our positions last year on Bid Day we had no idea the growth that we would experience. Through all we have experienced this past year, we have been able to expand our leadership skills, grow as individuals and truly have become the best of pals. When it comes down to it, Greek life bonds us all, regardless of the letters we wear. For that we are extremely thankful.

The outgoing 2017-2018 Greek Council wishes everyone the best of luck this bid day, and hope that every student finds their place at Trinity, in the Greek system or not.