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    ChrisFeb 4, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Is this what Trinity has become? Being so triggered by some innocuous flyer that doesn’t have any racial or hateful connotations? Are these the people educating our students: individuals who notify the police, draft virtue-signaling posts on a safe-space website, and cry about how being exposed to views that don’t align with your own means you live in a society that makes you feel unsafe?

    I am a minority who graduated from Trinity a couple of years ago. If I were to ever encounter this, I would simply bypass it without a second thought and move on. These people aren’t calling for the eradication of my race or the genocide of people of color. Go and read what white nationalism is about. As a minority, I did, and it opened up my perspective and at least allowed me to understand the other side of the story without immediately dismissing it as “racist propaganda” and “white supremacy.”

    Trinity did not teach me to go and hide under a rock when something controversial entered my worldview. It told me to learn, grow, and adapt.

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