Chip Roy: the Buckley Republican candidate


illustration by Andrea Nebhut

In my time in politics, I have seen lots of interesting things. One of the most interesting things is the people it attracts. It attracts a wide spectrum of people, ranging from those who exemplify virtues to those who exemplify vices. One virtue I always look for in candidates I support, and is mandatory for candidates I work or volunteer for, is integrity. Politics as a field is notorious for lacking this virtue. Integrity is defined as a great many things, often times it ends up on a locker room wall. What I look for is genuine honesty and stringent moral principles. That combined with a foundation in conservative philosophy and principles along with competence will earn my support.

Texas’s 21st Congressional District’s Representative to the US Congress will be a Republican. The question is what kind of Republican? Well, almost all of the types of Republicans under the sun are running. Of course, they all claim the mantle of conservatism and the name “conservative” along with it. There are 18 candidates from different walks of life with different experiences and skills. It is my duty as a Buckley Republican to go as far to the right as you can go and still win in that specific election while at the same time remaining faithful to my philosophy. The man who fits this description to a T is Chip Roy.

Chip Roy has a vast amount of experience in politics and the conservative movement. He has served under Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, John Cornyn and Ken Paxton. He has held positions ranging from Senior Adviser to Chief of Staff to Vice President of Strategy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. It is often argued that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. With how strong Chip Roy’s past has been, his future if he goes to Washington is brilliant.

Chip Roy also has picked up a large number of strong endorsements. He has been endorsed by Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Mike Lee, just to name a few. Ted Cruz is one of the two current sitting Senators from Texas. Rick Perry is the former governor of Texas and current Secretary of Energy. Mike Lee is a sitting Senator from Utah. All three of these  men are stalwart members of the conservative movement who rarely give endorsements. When they put their name behind someone in the primary, they mean it.

What stands out to me most in the time that I have known Chip Roy is his honesty and his integrity. When ever you ask Chip a question, you know he will give you an honest answer instead of attempting to talk his way around the question.

I witnessed this at a meet and greet where he took open questions, a perilous situation for some candidates, as you never know what is going to be asked or if you even have the information to make an informed statement. Over the course of five minutes, he was asked questions ranging from healthcare to immigration to gun registry.He handled each question with ease.

In addition to his honesty, his integrity also stands out. When ever Chip speaks, he gives off an aura of someone who has been to Washington but hasn’t been changed by it. One of the concerns that activists on both sides of the aisle share is that the person they send to Washington never seems to come back. When the congressman comes back, they are a changed person. Chip has already been to DC, and he wasn’t changed by it. That by itself speaks volumes to Chip’s character.

I am proud to endorse Chip Roy for Congress.