Previously, on SGA: Best Funds Forever


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This covers the meeting on April 16.



Nick Santulli, senior and senator emeritus, asked for feedback on the recent dining services exhibition that was held in Mabee dining hall. Junior senator Julia Shults said it went well and that most feedback was affirming. Shults added that some students requested making the international line an allergy and diet-friendly line, and perhaps moving the international line elsewhere.

President Amulya Deva, junior, gave feedback on the Muslim Student Association’s Henna Night. Deva said that, though the experience was more political than she expected, it was well-handled and interesting. Sophomore senator Simone Washington explained that the decision to fund an extra henna artist made earlier in the year was a good choice.

First-year senator Noelle Barrera offered feedback on Trinity Diversity Connection’s Taste of Diversity, saying the lines were long, but the overall experience was good. Barrera also mentioned the success of the Jewish Student Association’s Hillel seder held earlier this month. (Barrera is a news reporter for the Trinitonian.)

Senior and senator emeritus Samy Abdallah motioned to sing a belated happy birthday song to vice president Rachel Daniel, junior.



Each spring, university-sponsored organizations (USOs) present budget proposal requests to SGA. Unlike registered student organizations (RSOs), which receive funds from the student activity fee (SAF) on a request basis, USOs receive a yearly budget that is funded once for the entire year. Budget proposals will be voted on once all USOs present to SGA on April 23.

The Trinitonian requested $46,650, which is $6,580 more than it requested last year. The increase was caused by an increase in printing costs and a lowered advertising sales goal, among other things.

Mirage requested $46,200, which is $4,257.20 more than it requested last year. Mirage explained that the increased cost was due in part to publishing costs. (Both the Trinitonian and Mirage are a part of Campus Publications.)

Greek Council requested $34,875, which is $1,200 less than it requested last year. The  Council budget funds Greek U, Greek unity events and Greek Carnival, along with conferences and other opportunities.



President Deva reminded senators that they do not have to dress in business casual next meeting since they will be making budget proposal decisions and the meeting will be long.

Vice president Daniel asked senators to review all proposals again before the next meeting.