Looking for escape all Summer ’18


Featured illustration by Julia Poage, staff illustrator

As the hot days of summer start to replace the only-slightly-cooler days of spring, the first thing on most people’s minds is probably how to make the most out of our time off from classes. The last thing on Trinikids’ heads, however, is how to spend that time in the midst of the heavy San Antonio heat.

But for those lucky few who are preparing to return to the paper thin walls of Witt-Winn — or the even more select few who were able to secure an off-campus apartment — for summer research or internships, the Trinity bubble might just become our home year-round if we don’t try hard enough to burst it. I’ve compiled a few of the best summer attractions for you to spend those stipend dollars that you promised yourself you would put directly into savings — you’ll still regret the receipts but hopefully you’ll have a good time doing it.

The Paper Tiger continues to bring the goods to our North St. Mary doorstep with shows from Kimbra, Men I Trust, and SALES, amongst others, this summer. You probably already know, but if you’re looking for a solid indie show near campus where you can dance with people you know from seeing in class and in Coates regularly but awkwardly have never said more than five words to, this venue is for you.

Paper Tiger is a Trinity staple for a good reason — they consistently book good bands — but if you are looking for a change of pace, and maybe a slightly less familiar crowd, there are plenty of options if you are just willing to look and drive a bit further. The Cold War Kids will be coming to the Rustic in May, along with Fleet Foxes to the Tobin Center in May, and Culture Club to the Tobin Center in July.

For those brave enough to stick it out at a festival, the Float Fest in San Marcos looks promising with acts like Modest Mouse and Snoop Dogg making for an eclectic lineup, though you’d truly have to be brave to float a river with that many people in it and in such close proximity to Texas State. To each their own, I guess.

Going into further uncharted areas for me, the San Antonio Zoo just announced an animatronic dinosaur exhibition called “Zoorassic Park,” lasting from the end of May to the end of August. Having never been to the zoo here — out of general fear, trepidation and laziness — I’m not completely sure if this is the perfect place for summer break fun.

But the prospect of seeing “Land Before Time” come to life digitally is enough for even me to feel like breaking out the bucket hat and pocket fan for a day at the zoo. You’ll probably end up sweaty, sunburned and broke, but it’s gotta be better than that second “Jurassic World,” right?

The Witte will also feature a similar exhibition during the summer called “Predators vs Prey: Dinosaurs on the Land Before Texas,” though there is probably less of a chance that these dinosaurs will become sentient beings that Jeff Goldblum will have to fight to save his life at this exhibit.

For anyone feeling more adventurous, or maybe just a little stir-crazy, the options for summer road trip destinations are basically endless, though personally, I would avoid the well-worn beaches of Galveston and Port Aransas in favor of some of Texas’s many cool parks, like nearby Enchanted Rock or Big Bend.

However, if you are seeking out a beach, maybe try the less hectic, Port Aransas-adjacent Mustang Island State Park. The water will probably still be murky and stagnant, but the chances of spotting a Confederate flag on a car will be lessened by the sheer lack of crowds at these beaches.

As much as I will try to burst the bubble myself, I’m honestly just looking forward to the new movie releases this summer. If, like me, you’ve been counting down the days until “Oceans 8,” than you only have a few weeks more to wait.

If you’re less than excited about a woman-led heist film with not only Mindy Kaling, Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulason but also Rihanna, then I guess there is always “Deadpool 2.” Again, to each their own.