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    noOct 18, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Do you honestly believe that medications always work with your body? Are you actually saying that cancer patients should not take medication cause their body naturally works to have cancer? So since cancer is “natural” we shouldn’t medicate it? This is ridiculous. You want me to actually track my fertility cycle so I can preemptively prepare for the pain (a natural process) to take pain medication? Endometriosis is a natural disease for some people, and you expect them to count the days until their pain keeps them in bed for a week? Get off your high horse.

    Sounds to me like you’ve been indoctrinated to the Catholic Church but are too blind to see it. I bet you think childhood vaccines are bad as well.

    Short story short, your logic is severely flawed.

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      HannahOct 22, 2018 at 4:10 pm

      This article clearly states that women deserve better than symptom-inducing medication. We deserve better than birth control companies benefiting from the suggestions of our doctors. The title and references of the article make clear that the Pill is a temporary “fix” to serious health issues, merely addressing the symptoms and not evaluating the actual causes or a woman’s cycle. Giving women a prescription without any real explanation to their fertility is a failure of healthcare.

      Trying to dismiss the author’s point on the basis of her faith is wrong, and puts forward no effort to resolve this issue that all women face to some degree (regardless of faith).
      In addition, this topic matter has nothing to do with cancer treatment, given that cancer is a genetic disease and not medically comparable to women’s fertility.

      I am not Catholic, but I know that FAM aims to educate women on the nature of their bodies, as opposed to a medication (that is so frequently suggested by physicians to young women in regular health check-ups) that changes the nature of a woman’s bodily function. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t situations in which a woman might need hormonal birth control to address severe health issues, but the prescription of the Pill is overused by healthcare providers to the benefit of pharmaceutical companies.

      Irregardless of faith, I hope we can all agree that we should provide women with real solutions – which seems to me the original intent of this article.
      In the last paragraph it is clear that no imposition is made on what others should do. Rather, the point is made that medical care providers should not continue to push the use of the Pill to their patients without addressing healthcare (such as FAM) that works with (rather than in opposition to) a woman’s body.

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        noOct 30, 2018 at 2:50 am

        In no way did I compare cancer to a woman’s fertility cycle, I compared it to the author’s lack of understanding what the word natural means. I, as a woman, take birth control. It has saved my life. The article hopes to push a basic understanding of the cycle as treatment for periods and conditions, such as endometriosis. How, I ask, is counting the days to your period going to treat uncontrollable pain and endless bleeding. Answer, it’s not. I know every day of my cycle, thanks to my Planned Parenthood app which helps track the days of my period and records information such as, my mood that day, what period like symptoms I experienced, and if I took my pill. While this is a helpful service, the only thing that enables me to get out of bed while on my period is my daily pill which controls my period symptoms.

        Yes, woman should understand their cycle, but by no means is it a cure for a natural cycle. In fact, the author and you treat the period as if it is a disease, which is sadly not the case. Natural things in the body are not always beneficial, and therefore must be treated. Hence, why doctors suggest birth control. Oh by the way, a suggestion is not forcing the patient to take birth control. So therefore, each person makes their own decision, not the pharmaceutical companies. What, pray tell, would you suggest to people suffering from their natural cycle? I hope it isn’t to count the days until they’re laying in bed bleeding uncontrollably.

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    noOct 18, 2018 at 10:49 pm


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    Francis DameronAug 31, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Excellent article with great alternatives and if there were greater awareness of these alternatives there would be greater and safer healthcare choices. Thanks for shining the light.

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Women deserve better than birth control