Find your passion, Trinity


If you’ve been here for a while, you know it’s not uncommon to hear that Trinity students are overcommitted and involved in every organization on campus. We’ve found it to be mostly true.

Trinity encourages you to make the most out of your college experience by joining anything and everything that interests you. While it’s exciting to pursue your various interests no matter what year you’re in, we want to encourage you to narrow your focus and find that special something you are passionate about. As your classes start getting busier and you get into the routine of the school year, it will comfort you to have something that inspires you on the side when the semester gets rough.

A Gallup Poll studying the connection between students’ well-being and higher education found that the most significant ways to receive satisfaction from your college experience were “establishing a deep connection with a mentor, taking on a sustained academic project and playing a significant part in a campus organization.” Note that it doesn’t say “join every club at the Student Involvement Fair.”

These examples indicate pushing yourself past the drudge of busy work and day to day classes and instead diving deeper into a subject you love or looking for enjoyment from an extracurricular.

Trinity offers endless opportunities to pick up a hobby, but that doesn’t mean that you should pick them all up. We can name several that are mentioned just in this week’s issue: sports, arts, religion, music, travel. Whatever you choose, find it soon and stick with it. You may feel silly if you try something out and hate it, but know that it wasn’t a waste of time, because it put you on the right path towards finding what you truly are passionate about.

Or you’ll find yourself walking across the Laurie Auditorium stage in May wondering why you spent so much time doing homework.

Take advantage of this exciting time of year, whether you’re a first-year or not, to explore what Trinity has to offer you. Classes aren’t in the full swing of things, so you actually have time to go to cool campus events, concerts, art exhibits and more. And who knows, you might end up finding your best friends in an organization you would never have thought to join in high school.