Previously, on SGA: Let’s Get Down to Business

This covers the meeting on Aug. 29.


Senior senator Sam Afshari announced that the physician search committee has selected Dr. Youngdahl as the new physician in Health Services.

Junior senator Ty Tinker, chair of the textbook affordability committee, was contacted by a man at Akademos, an online bookstore service. Advisor Jamie Thompson suggested that Tinker connect with Tess Coody-Anders and Michelle Bartonico in the department of strategic communication and marketing before moving forward with Akademos.

Sophomore senator Mia Quintanilla gave positive feedback on the Welcome Week Concert, expressing her gratefulness that SGA approved the Student Programming Board budget request in May.


Frankie Trynoski from MOVE Texas spoke to SGA about National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on Sept. 25. SGA will partner with MOVE to hold on-campus voter registration on NVRD. MOVE will cover all expenses. SGA’s goal is to register 400 voters.


Vice president Rachel Daniel, senior, noted that the single semester parking pass option is no longer available. She met with Eric Maloof, vice president for enrollment management, to discuss the changes to the parking pass prices and options. Daniel explained that Maloof told her that the parking system needed to be overhauled in order to become more profitable — this included decreasing the amount of options, such as discounts for faculty with spouses.

Daniel expressed that she believes Maloof should have gotten student feedback and suggested that SGA start a liaison program with the vice presidents.


Advisor David Tuttle requested feedback from SGA as to why students do not attend Coalition for Respect meetings, despite expressing interest in the cause.

Senior senator Julia Shults pointed out that students may not know what it means to be a part of the coalition or that they are not sure what impact they will have by participating in the meetings.

Daniel pointed out that Trinity students are already too involved.

Shults suggested Dean Tuttle talks to specific groups, such as Greek life, so that students see the coalition as a part of something they are already involved in, instead of another extracurricular.

Junior senator Simone Washington suggested the coalition rebrand and increase advertising, as well as attend the Global Health Initiative health fair.

Tuttle concluded that he wants SGA to show support for the coalition and that he will meet with two more groups before deciding what to do moving forward.


President and senior Amulya Deva asked senators to talk to seniors about becoming a Class of 2019 senator. SGA received no responses to their email to the Class of 2019 about the position.

Deva encouraged members to sign up for the elections committee.

Deva recounts her meeting with Lapétra Bowman, the new advising coordinator. Bowman told Deva that 200 seniors have three or more pathways requirements unfulfilled, which is cause for concern. Deva suggested that part of the issue is lack of advisor knowledge about Pathways.

Deva asked for feedback concerning Pathways, as the Class of 2019 is the first to graduate on the curriculum and if steps should be taken to let the administration know the issues students are having. Shults pointed out that since 2019 is the first to go through Pathways, the class did not have as many options as later classes. Tuttle suggested a town hall to collect feedback for a resolution. Tinker said a town hall would be good, especially to get feedback from the first-year class.

Daniel asked for members to serve on an ad hoc committee to look into senior time capsules, as there was no participation in the program last year. Sophomore senator Noelle Barrera and junior senator Ben Gonzales volunteered.

Daniel also inquired if SGA would be willing to participate in Alumni Weekend programming. Deva suggested making the events strongly encouraged for SGA members to attend.