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  • J

    JoelNov 16, 2020 at 2:02 am

    Crowder is very informed and has many statistics on hand. Instead of basing his beliefs on emotion or social media he researches both sides of the argument and only once he has taken in all statistics and facts will he make his decision on what he chooses to believe in. Of course his debates show how incompetent others are and how sad our society is because instead of doing your own research and fact checking most people will follow popular opinion regardless of if they actually know the real statistics and hard facts. I have never been into politics or religion, I actually grew up hating speaking on the subjects 1- I wasn’t informed at all I never took upon myself to inform myself with facts and statistics 2- I always thought it would only breed hatred and arguments from the disagreements I had been privy to made me think that;s how it only would be if someone on opposing sides spoke about a hot button issue.However, growing up with separated parents who disagreed on both political and religious views I knew that regardless of how they seen the world or what they believed to be true in their minds they still pushed it all aside to love me and raise me as thought they were still together. So I grew up with divorced parents but I still had a very strong family to stand behind me and they never pushed their beliefs on they always told me when I grew up I could research and gather all the information I possibly could and only then should I make the decision of what I truly believed in. So why would you think these debates aren’t helpful because most people walking by don’t have a whole debate prepared? In my eyes if you believe something and you have chosen your stance on it then you should 100% know all the facts and most statistics on said belief. If you don’t then honestly you shouldn’t have those beliefs to begin with. Saying I believe this way “just cause’ or “because my friends and most people do” or even “I just don’t like you so I’ll disagree with everything you say just to spite your’ all of these pretty much sum up a lot of arguments laid out before Crowder. So yes of course Crowder prepared but he didn’t prepare for that particular debate or conversation he is only that prepared because instead of making a choice from emotion or misinformation, he’s made his choice from hard facts and statistics and I ask what’s so wrong with that?

  • A

    Airmet the panda chodeSep 3, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    You are actually suggesting that it is only the preparedness of the debater that lends the credibility to any arguments made, and not the merit of merit of pure reasoning? It is unfair for someone to be uninformed and voluntarily participate in a debate and then be shown as uninformed? Much like your Folk idiot Cortez seem to misunderstand the term “entitlement”. For the very act of Shapiro offering something in exchange for a debate is the antithesis of acting entitled. I sincerely hope the Trinitonian is some highschool or junior college rag as an understandable but still not acceptable excuse for your gross incompetence. In lighter news, you may have a fair shot at tenure with CNN in your future.

  • M

    MattAug 8, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    I think that Crowder gains so much attention because he is able to draw in people that are emotional and take advantage of their emotion. Once something is said that isn’t meant to be said, one will automatically lose the debate by losing the crowd. Not only do you have to have the facts but also the ability to be accurate. All of these things are what make Crowder effective in debunking these things. It seems Crowder’s intent is not to have a fair debate but reveal to society that their opinions are usually fueled by emotion and to debunk this emotion with facts.

  • J

    JoelSep 29, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Except if course the fact that he posts at least a week in advance where he will be setting up shop. How is it his fault that these people are not smart enough to understand he “the man hosting the debate” will school them if not informed? Your article is incorrect and bias.

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