How to be your best eco-friendly self


Reusables Photo credit: Julia Weis

The truth is inevitable: Climate change is destroying our planet.The human race is causing massive destruction to the Earth, resulting in rising sea levels, the destruction of rainforests, air and water pollution, extinction of animal species and so on. The earth we currently know might look completely different by the time we’re 50, especially at the rate the Trump administration is rolling back environmental protection policies.

If you’re wondering why I — the Trinitonian editor-in-chief — am so concerned about environmental protection, it’s because I’m a not-so-secret eco-nut in my spare time. My fiery passion for our Mother Earth has become a recent focus in my life, especially after joining Trinity’s Outdoor Recreation Program and being around the most environmentally friendly people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve gone as far as adopting low-waste and vegan lifestyles.

When I started to read more about climate change and came across the disheartening facts about our dying planet, I felt very overwhelmed and helpless. I started to think, “Will anything that I do make a difference? What’s the point if we’re all dying anyway?” Existential crises aside, we as individuals actually can make a huge impact on the climate. We have the power as consumers to vote with our dollar and show businesses and corporations what we want our future to look like. I’d like to share with you, readers, a few simple tips on what you can do if you’re also worried about the environment and would like to become more eco-friendly. In the first part of this eco-series, I want to talk about the importance of reusables.

Did you know that we have produced 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic since its invention in the 1950s? According to National Geographic, that’s about the same weight as the entirety of humanity. And since 91 percent of plastic is not recycled, this plastic will either float in the ocean or sit on land for hundreds of years.

An easy way that you and I can fight climate change is by using reusable items instead of single-use plastics that are immediately thrown away. It makes a big difference to bring your own coffee mug to Einstein’s and your own reusable water bottle to class. If you want to take it a step further, you can invest in some reusable straws and silverware. I bought mine online for cheap and use them everyday! If you’re bringing lunch to campus or want to take home leftovers after eating out, I would recommend investing in some nice Tupperware. A good glass or stainless-steel container can go a long way.

I hope you found these tips on reusables helpful. Next time, check in for ways to improve your shopping habits.