Get to know SGA president Amulya Deva


Senior Amulya Deva, who transferred to Trinity University from St. Edward’s University her sophomore year and has already made a huge mark on campus, is majoring in both finance and business analytics & technology. She is also pursing a minor in economics.

Though her academic endeavors take up a lot of her time, Deva also participates in many different extracurriculars at Trinity.

Deva is an 1869 scholar, president of Student Government Association, vice president of Professional Activities for the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, Momentum dancer, Sigma Theta Tau member, finance chair for TigerThon and participated in Orientation Team this past summer.

“Some of them kind of fell in my lap. Tigerthon was started by my roommate [Sarosha Hemani], and she was actually an Orientation Team captain, so she roped me into that,” Deva said. “She also [linked] me into Momentum. With my business fraternity, I actually joined at St. Edward’s — I wanted to develop my professional network. It was really nice because I automatically had a group of people I could talk to [when I transferred].”

Senior Sarosha Hemani, Deva’s roommate and executive director of TigerThon, has worked closely with Amulya on various projects.

“Amulya makes it easy to work with her. She’s a very hardworking and efficient leader who brings several new ideas to any organization she is a part of,” Hemani said. “She does a remarkable job managing our operation budget [for Tigerthon] and fundraising money. I have never seen anyone show so much dedication to student organizations that they are a part of like she does.”

One of Deva’s biggest responsibilities is serving as the president for the Student Government Association. Deva explained that as president, she services the liaison between the administration and the students. She strives to make the student experience better by serving on committees run by administration to add a student perspective. She also runs the meetings, setting priorities to focus on — particularly on transparency and efficiency this year — and developing little things with an aim to improve the student experience.

“I looked at organizations as a way to meet people and make an impact on campus, so that’s why I ran for student government senator [before becoming president],” Deva said. “Whenever I see something on campus that I think of as a unique opportunity, I just know that [the organization] would add another level to my life that other things can’t.”

Deva explained that balancing all of those extracurriculars with school isn’t easy, and it’s all about setting priorities and sticking to them. Deva gets her joy from being around her friends in these organizations and getting to work on projects that directly impact her academic environment while simultaneously developing her skillset.

“Overall, the reason I love extracurricular activities is because you actually get to apply a lot of them. All the leadership skills and the management skills I’ve learned, I can actually apply those,” Deva said. “For Tigerthon, I can actually use my upper management classes to forecast how many events we are going to have, and based on that, how many people are gonna get involved, how much money we’re going to get in, and I can use my finance background in that as well.”

Sophomore Logan Muzyka, the assistant director for TigerThon who also choreographed and participated in Momentum, shared some words about Deva.

“Amulya is probably one of the best upperclassmen role models at Trinity. She is involved in so much, yet she is able to dedicate her time and heart to everything she’s involved in. I got to know her really well at a Dance Marathon Leadership Conference in Indianapolis (she’s the Finance Chair for Tigerthon), and her ability to manage, plan, crush numbers and come up with innovative ideas is astounding,” Muzyka said.

In addition to being involved on campus, Deva has also co-authored a prep material book for children taking the CogAt test. The book was published in 2014 and is available for sale on Amazon.

The CogAt is a test administered to determine whether kids get into a school’s gifted and talented program, and Deva found it important to have a hand in making sure that the opportunity extended to as many children as possible. When asked why she worked on the project, Deva said she did it “so kids who are willing to work hard can have access to this special program and get the education they want.”

Deva also strongly advised first-year students to get involved on campus.

“No. 1, it allows you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. No. 2, it allows you to meet people on campus; another thing is you can connect with alumni,” Deva said.

Finally, she added that it’s allowed her to meet people she otherwise would’ve never met in her classes. Even a finance major and an international studies major can dance together on stage for a major showcase like Momentum, and to her, that’s an invaluable and beautiful benefit.