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    Kajex SurnahmApr 28, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    If the priest is -that- worried that a dress so innocuous and modest would compel his flock to pop an erection, it’s probably best that -any- woman vacate the building and never return- there are probably dolphins among the sheep.

    (Yes, dolphins- they tend to be more inclined to rape than wolves.)

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    Brendan DonagheySep 29, 2018 at 6:37 am

    When one attends a Federal Court Hearing or Trial in many Federal Court Districts there is a rule that all men must wear a blazer coat jacket in the court room for proceedings. I once arrived at Federal District Court in Austin, Texas and I had forgotten by navy blazer (it was a scorching summer day) and as I passed the metal detectors the U.S. Marshals reminded me of the rule.

    I explained that I had left my blazer behind at home and could they make an exception. They ushered me over to a side room’s closet where they had several old polyester type navy blazers that looked like they had been gathering dust there since Walter Cronkite was reporting on the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.

    I obediently complied and donned one of the ill-fitting old navy blazers (in all their polyester sartorial splendor and glory). While the designers at Hugo Boss or Ralph Lauren would have been horrified by the site of the old, dusty, amorphously fitting Navy Blazer that I was forced to wear—it reflected the “Formality” and the “Tradition” of the Federal Court Proceedings in the United States Federal District Court in Austin, Texas.

    While one can object to the seemingly “silly” or “quaint” clinging to Tradition that is practiced in the Federal Court System, one must both comply and acknowledge that they “run the show” and enforce conformity and compliance with their system of Traditional Haberdashery regarding men’s clothing.

    I presume that the judges would similarly enforce a dress code regarding an ill-clad or scantily clad female or male who attempted to enter a courtroom.

    The point that is lost on modern people is that in the age of informality regarding dress, morals, speech, worship, manners, dining, writing and body language–much of the profound beauty and seriousness of proper human interaction has been lost.

    Finally, I would bet that if the author of this article were to be invited to Westminster Abbey or the Queen’s residence for formal dinner by Meghan Markle (spelling?)( the 38 year old divorcee who recently “married” Prince “Harry” of England)—she would quickly ask about the protocol of the proper manners and body language. The author would run out to purchase just the “proper” dress with the proper length of the dress and skirts and with proper sleeves and neckline etc.

    Just as the world was “riveted” waiting to see if Meghan would “Curtsy” to the Queen of England and others (she did curtsy by the by!) I am certain that the author would don the proper clothing if she were invited (and attended) a dinner or meeting with the Holy Father in the Holy See Vatican City, Vatican City State.

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      Eanna HeyligerJun 26, 2019 at 3:40 pm

      I agree that the sentiment of traditional dress is very important. I’m sure if someone had pulled the author aside politely and informed her of this specific dress code, then this article would not exist. Modesty isn’t necessarily the issue at hand; It’s the use of religion and modesty as a tactic to oppress and shame women. If this priest truly respected women and saw every member of his congregation as a child of God, he would have seen the author as a new church member that was simply uninformed, instead of outing her as a Jezebel. Therefore, the issue at hand is respect for women and their bodies.

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    KDBSep 27, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    As a woman who was required to dress modestly most of the time as a young woman, it is my experience that some men will disrespect you no matter what you wear. Being modest does not stop men from sinning either.
    I wore my modest school uniform to Catholic school for 12 years.

  • D

    Denise BoehmSep 27, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    The priest is perpetuating rape culture in his comments to you. As a former Catholic, this type of thought is one reason, of many, that I view the religion and the institution with contempt. Not necessarily its adherents, but the institution is based on patriarchy, which is inherently immoral. Love to you and comfort for being yet another person abused by the Church. I wonder what advice the misogynistic priest gives to little boys about wearing apparel that leads the priesthood into sin. You are right that you are worthy as a person. Reject any insult that suggests otherwise. And any institution. Jesus didn’t play that game, so it’s ironic that his minions do.

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