Previously, on SGA: Scootin’ Around Town

Previously, on SGA: Scootin Around Town

The following covers the meeting on Sept. 26.


President Amulya Deva, senior, expressed unhappiness with the way last week’s meeting ran. She reminded senators to wait until they are called on to speak.

Junior senator Simone Washington reminded senators to sign the scrapbook for Stacy Davidson that is in the library.

Junior senator Ben Gonzalez — who attended the Climate Action Committee meeting the previous day — encouraged SGA to get involved and encouraged the Sustainability Committee to reach out to Trinity faculty involved in the city-wide committee.

Washington asked if any SGA members were a part of the Event Review Committee. Advisor Jamie Thompson, director of Student Involvement, said that there is currently no student representatives on the committee and encouraged an SGA member to attend the committee meetings.

Gonzalez, who is the SGA representative on the University Curriculum Council (UCC), encouraged senators to send him topics to bring up in the next UCC meeting.


Senior senator Julia Shults, chair of the Sustainability Committee, outlined the goals of the committee to focus on campus waste reduction and improved recycling. The committee will continue benchmarking Trinity against other schools and reaching out to other SGA’s about what successful sustainability initiatives they have had in the past. The committee also plans on continuing to work towards giving clear plastic bags to City Vista residents for recycling.


SGA discussed ideas that could help to improve their image and visibility on campus. Ideas included taking over the university SnapChat, adding SGA programming to NSO and reintroducing the posters featuring SGA senators in dorms. The ideas that were collected will be given to the next administration.


Bird, the electric scooter rental company, reached out to Deva and senior vice president Rachel Daniel to begin a university partnership. The partnership would mean that Trinity would receive $1 per day per scooter on campus. The money could be allocated anywhere, but senators suggested a portion go to the Student Activity Fee. Bird would take full liability if any injury was to occur.

Feedback from senators was positive. Senior senator Sam Afshari suggested reaching out to Blue Duck, a locally based scooter company similar to Bird, to see if they can give a competitive offer. Gonzalez pointed out that a scooter partnership would also improve SGA’s image.


Deva reported that National Voter Registration Day was a success. 208 people registered to vote.

Daniel recounted her meeting with Saber Elaydi, professor of mathematics, where they discussed SGA co-sponsoring the National Arab Orchestra’s performance on campus on Nov. 10. The event has already garnered sponsorships from multiple university departments. SGA’s sponsorship will help the event be free for Trinity students. Pereida asked for the discussion to be tabled until they could look more in-depth at the budget. Deva pointed out that Daniel was not required to ask senators about internal budget use, and that Daniel was being nice for asking at all. With no objections, Daniel announced that SGA will co-sponsor the event.