Previously, on SGA: Accessibility à la Cart(e)

Previously, on SGA: Accessibility à la Cart(e)

The following covers the meeting on Oct. 10.


Chief of staff Cecelia Turkewitz, sophomore, remarked that it will be cold next week.

President Amulya Deva, senior, revealed a mock schedule for the upcoming SGA election that will fill next year’s positions. The schedule included a dinner with the candidates and Sheryl Tynes, vice president for Student Life, an addition to former years’ schedules.


Deva asked for potential questions to relay to the panel of administrators that will be hosting the upcoming pathways forum, which will be open to students. The panel will be moderated by Danny Anderson, president of Trinity University, and aims to acquire student feedback on the Pathways curriculum. The date for the forum is to be determined.


Deva revealed the schedule for the remaining SGA meetings of the semester. At each meeting, the vice president or directors of different departments will come talk to SGA about what they do and how they can help. It was suggested that these presentations would be advertised so that students could attend.


Junior and senator Ben Gonzalez presented a plan for acquiring a golf cart that will be used solely for transporting those with temporary or permanent disabilities between lower and upper campus. Students potentially paid via Federal Work Study would drive the cart during certain time periods. The program would replace the current system of calling TUPD and hoping they are available and willing to give a student a ride.

Under Gonzalez’s proposal, SGA would fund half of the cart, while Campus Publications, who would use the cart to deliver newspapers on Thursday evenings, would fund the remaining half, though this proposal is subject to change if other funding sources were to arise. Gonzalez has been in conversation with Student Accessibility Services as a potential department to be responsible for the administration of student workers.


Deva temporarily excused all SGA members who were not committee chairs in order to meet with the chairs to get an update and suggest next steps. Junior and senator Simone Washington, chair of the Menstrual Products Committee, announced that it would not be feasible to switch to more sustainable menstrual products, and that she is working to expand the program. Junior and senator Ty Tinker, chair of the Affordable Textbooks Committee, announced that it would not be feasible to switch to an online-only textbook provider because Trinity has just renewed its contract with Barnes & Noble, and the online providers have received negative reviews. He will instead create a document with suggestions for finding affordable textbooks. Senior and senator Julia Shults, chair of the Sustainability Committee, announced that they are on track with their plan to provide more accessible recycling in City Vista and creating a volunteer City Vista recycling pick-up network. All SGA members were then asked to return to the meeting to meet with their respective committees, after which the meeting was adjourned.