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  • K

    KareemNov 10, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    The irony of all of this is that in the end, it’s TFL who are trivializing the deaths that occured under Mao’s government, not the campus progressives.

    You claim that you are “merely stating an objective fact” and not in anyway trying to feed into a “red scare” but facts inspite of their truth value, must be placed into a broader context. Out of all of the facts in existence that could conceivably be stated, why is it that TFL specifically chose to make a mockery of themselves by stating that “60 million people died under Mao” with their fortune cookies? Why not for instance, pass out fortune cookies that say on them “the diameter of Jupiter is 140 million meters?” This statement about Jupiter is an objective fact, but what is the broader intention behind my stating it?

    This is the issue with this mockery of a display about death statistics under Mao, the broader context suggests that your intention is to try to associate support of center left policies such as a higher a minimum wage, regulation of the financial system and the eatablishment of a public health insurance system with totally unrelated statistics about deaths under Communism.

    Grow up, this is not the 1940s anymore, and nobody can pretend with any seriousness that this display is anything more than an attempt to derail serious discussions about the role of Economic Policy in the modern age. This display does nothing to expand anyone’s understanding about the proper role of the state in the economy, not for that manner, does it inform anybody about the actual legacy of Maoism on China’s economic and social development.

    As I said earlier, the diameter of Jupiter is about 140 million meters. I just thought I would state an objective fact. I have no ulterior motive for doing so.

  • J

    JamesOct 26, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Someone’s a little salty. I’m not really seeing a real answer to these criticism you say you’ve received and you use the “I have a ____ friend” arguement which doesn’t really counter the critique. So, can’t take criticism love?

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