Getting to know a trustee April Ancira

The newest member of Trinity University’s Board of Trustees is April Ancira, who graduated Trinity University in 2002. Ancira received her Bachelor of Science in marketing and finance with a minor in economics; she is also a member of the Business Advisory Council.

“She has a strong commitment and dedication to the School of Business and Trinity University and is a respected leader in the San Antonio non-profit community,” Bob Scherer, dean of the School of Business wrote in an email.

“As a Trinity student, I made all the college mistakes,” Ancira wrote in an email.

Ancira added that some of these college mistakes included boys, making decisions due to peer pressure and putting academics in the backseat. But she also added these mistakes did not shape her entire college experience.

Ancira emphasized how significant the relationships that she created with Trinity professors were to her — such as with Colleen Grissom, professor in the Department of English, and Charlene Davis, professor in the Department of Business Administration.

“I met the most amazing professors who truly cared how my education was proceeding and, as I have grown, they have become good friends,” Ancira wrote.

Ancira attributed a substantial amount of her current success in interacting and engaging with people in any field to the liberal arts component of Trinity University. She also did not expect to find friendships in a sorority in her first year at Trinity.

“Funny enough, I didn’t want to ‘buy’ my friends as a freshman, so I chose not to rush a sorority,” Ancira wrote.

However, Ancira had a change of heart during her sophomore year of college.

“As a sophomore, I suppose I needed to buy some friends. Ha, kidding, I think. It was actually quite organic, I rushed Chi Beta Epsilon and became a part of [pledge class] ‘02,” Ancira wrote.

Ancira added that her sorority had a huge impact on her at Trinity and said when she got married in 2008, all her bridesmaids — except her biological sister — were Betas. Ancira also said that she would not trade any of the bad experiences she had as an undergrad.

“I am 100 percent the person I am today because of the growth I experienced in college. Some pretty awful stuff happened, and some pretty amazing stuff happened,” Ancira wrote.

Her advice to Trinity students is to make those mistakes and learn from them. “Even the most egregious experiences have meaning and can be used to help someone else or hundreds more in the future. Growth is life, and life is growth,” Ancira wrote.

During her time on the Board of Trustees, Ancira has met many members who she considers intelligent, talented people who care for Trinity and its students.

“When asked to join though, I jumped at the chance, honored and excited. I will certainly give everything I have got and consider this another amazing opportunity to learn and grow from the best,” Ancira wrote.

“April Ancira is an energetic community leader who uses her marketing skills not only for the advantage of her business but also to support others in her community, and we are delighted she has joined our Board of Trustees,” said Danny Anderson, current president of Trinity University.