Film student’s LA intern experience


Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Want the inside scoop on the LA film industry? Junior Jerod Bork offers insight he gained on the industry after spenging last fall in Los Angeles immersed in two film industry internships, part of his pursuit of a communication major and film studies minor.

While in California, he was able to see what editors and producers do to distribute a movie. Because of a few connections, Bork was able to snag one internship through Boston University at a trailer-house, Mark Woollen & Associates, and another at a production company, Aviron. Mark Woollen & Associates has made trailers for notable movies such as “A Star is Born” and “Beautiful Boy.”

Q: How did you get these internships?

A: It’s all about who you know. I applied for one through Boston University and my roommate told me about the second one.

Q: Which internship did you enjoy the most?

A: I liked both, but the trailer-house was a creative, low-stress environment. It was cool to see how editors are so important in distributing a movie. Like, editors at the trailer house are told, ‘show Steve Carell like this and Timothee Chalamet like this.” They create that Oscar-buzz in that way.

Q: What was your second internship like?

A: The internship at Aviron was an internship that most interns at production companies get. I basically read a bunch of scripts that were coming in. That’s what most interns at production companies do because there are just so many scripts coming in. But my supervisor was very communicative with me, always asking me what I was reading and making sure I was engaged. I was actually able to walk the red carpet to the premiere of A Private War which was produced by Aviron and released last fall. It was pretty cool. They invited all the Boston University students to the red carpet. I got to see Rosamund Pike up close.

Q: Did you like being in the LA environment?

A: I enjoyed it. Me and the other interns would go out to see movies every weekend and discuss them afterward. It was nice being around people who thought of movies in the same way.

Q: Do you have any tips for Trinity students looking to study abroad for a semester like you did?

A: Trinity wants you to travel. So I would say go to the Study Abroad Office and see what opportunities are available. Trinity also makes traveling pretty affordable.

Q: What do you want to do moving forward now that you have all this experience?

A: I actually want to return to LA for another semester next year. Mainly to build my network. When people think of networking, they think of the dinner parties and stuff, but networking is literally just who you work with, so it’d be helpful.

Q: Do you want to make your own movies or edit your own movies one day?

A: I don’t want to direct but I do hope to eventually get a job as an editor for a trailer-house and then eventually edit movies or shorts on my own.

Q: Any last words of advice for fellow creatives out there?

A: Well, the experience made the film industry and becoming an editor so much more real, like before I always thought, ‘Oh, being an editor would be cool,’ but now it’s actually possible.’ So if you have a far off dream, maybe take on an internship in that field. It might make it more doable.

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