2019 is the year we do better


Welcome back to campus, Tigers. After what was hopefully a peaceful and relaxing winter break, you’re back at Trinity with your favorite friends, professors, Aramark employees and exes. We’ve got a few resolutions for this year, and maybe you do, too.

As you might’ve noticed, we’ve done a print redesign to freshen up for the new year. We’ve got new features (like a highly requested crossword puzzle), a new masthead and more consistent typography. If you go to trinitonian2020redesign.mystagingwebsite.com, you’ll see our web redesign as well.

Aside from new visuals, we’ve got a few goals for the new year. The Trinitonian is working on becoming more efficient and productive in how we run this multi-faceted machine. We’re also continuing our efforts to bolster the Trinitonian’s transparency and accountability. We’re aiming to strengthen our reporting and editorial work. We’ve established new guidelines for opinion writers that help readers distinguish between paid and unpaid columns and given some explanation to guest writers about why we want to publish only well-founded and researched arguments.

But enough about us. What are you, reader, doing to be better in 2019? Whether you’re a student or real adult, you’ve probably got some initiatives for the upcoming year. For some, it might be being a better student and finally learning exactly what time management means. Maybe you want to be a better advocate and ally for your fellow students who are people of color, LGBTQ+, disabled or others whose voices aren’t as loud as your own. Maybe you want to save up money and figure out what you’re going to do after these years at Trinity.

Whatever your goal is, don’t forget it. It’s easy to get bogged down in school work, internship applications and the tons of other things Trinity students have on their plates. Keep at your goals. Work on them every day. If they’re important, they’ll be worth that extra work.