Tiger content for days (and nights)


Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Graphic by Alexandra Parris

Forget Netflix! Content made by fellow Tigers is available via streaming as well. TigerTV, Trinity’s on-campus television station, and KRTU, Trinity’s radio station, produce their own shows that are available to tune into or stream whenever.

“Within the [communication] department, people are very knowledgeable about KRTU and TigerTV … but [they’re] still considered the hidden gems on campus,” said Danielle Trevino, senior and TigerTV station manager.

In addition to producing a news show that airs on Fridays, TigerTV produces an entertainment show, a sports show and a comedy show. TigerTV content for the Spring semester will start airing the week of February 11.

“Students and anybody on campus can turn to channel 14.1 to view TigerTV. We also live-stream all of our shows on our Facebook and website. Our full-length episodes go on our Vimeo,” Trevino said. You can also find TigerTV clips on their YouTube channel.

Just because TigerTV is student-produced does not mean that they are low-budget, according to Trevino.

“I love seeing people’s faces the first time they see the television station or they see the control room because that’s over a million dollars worth of equipment,” Trevino said.

TigerTV are currently holding auditions for on-air talent.

“We’ll make space for people if they want to get involved,” Trevino said.

If you find yourself needing a study break on during the night, KRTU 91.7 FM, Trinity’s radio station, airs independent music content every night. One such show is hosted by Monica Reina, KRTU’s station manager, and is called “The Then and Now Show,” featuring alternative rock and indie music and airing on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Additionally, student-hosted music hours are featured every night on KRTU starting at 10 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. every day.

“From 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. we have the jazz, that’s during the day, and from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. are the indie overnight hours,” said Albert Salinas, operations manager at KRTU and the Indie Overnight music director. “That’s heavily based on community involvement. Students who have taken the broadcasting class host the shows as well as Trinity alum.”

Where can you tune into these shows?

“On social media, we share the show after it’s already been aired. You can find us at Facebook and on a website called RadioFreeAmerica,” Reina said.

In addition to their radio presence, KRTU hosts music events for students and listeners around the community.

“March 7, we’re having a KRTU indie showcase put together by our interns over at the Paper Tiger, live music. It’s all free too,” Salinas said.

“We also do an event called Skyline Swing every first Saturday of the month here at the Skyline Room,” Reina said. “We host 40 concerts throughout the year.”

The concerts are typically held at the Witte Museum, Art Pace, San Antonio Museum of Art and the Japanese Tea Garden.

Students can go to KRTU 91.7 FM on Facebook to check out their upcoming music events.

Interested in being featured in TigerTV content? Email TigerTV: [email protected]

Want to host an indie overnight hour on KRTU or feature your own music during the shows? Email Albert Salinas: [email protected]