DIO, TDC have big plans for the next month


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The Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) and Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) are constantly looking for ways to engage the community, but how specifically can you get involved in the next month? Take a look at this list of events.

Screening of “Defiant Lives”: Oct. 29, 7 p.m.

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Photo credit: Ren Rader

The DIO, TDC and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) are collaborating to do a film screening of “Defiant Lives” in the Waxahachie Room on Oct. 29 for Disability Awareness Month. This collaboration was prompted by the groups’ goal to collaborate more with one another and have a broader impact on the overall community. The film “Defiant Lives” shows the history and advancement of the disability rights movement within the United States, Britain and Australia.

“I think this screening is important because it shows the ways that disability is not a problem with individuals but really a failing of how we create society to be inaccessible,” Alli Roman, director of the DIO, wrote in an email interview. “It’s a powerful film that gives us a lot to think about.”

Fountain Friday with TDC & SPB: Oct. 25, 3–5 p.m.

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Fountain Friday is an event that happens every month and is open to students to hang out and learn more about the DIO and TDC and the work that they do on campus. This October event is special because the DIO is collaborating with the TDC and Student Programming Board (SPB) to host the event. There will be lots of food available, including Shake Shack. This event is located outside of Northrup, next to Miller Fountain.

“There’s going to be a lot of good food and it’s going to be very peppy and fun,” said junior DIO student assistant Aria Gaston-Panthaki.

150th Timeline History Event, Nov. 5–7 p.m.

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This workshop event will have attendees sort TDC’s history and also the history of diversity, inclusion and equality initiatives on campus by different decades. Attendees will be doing this research on their computers, searching through the Trinitonian archives and resources available through the library’s website. The event will include food and students will have the opportunity to hang out with one another and discuss past and present diversity initiatives. It will be located in the Fiesta Room.

“This event will help us understand our own history of when did we start, what did we look like, what are we doing now and how have we grown? So that event is really powerful and we’re excited for that,” said senior Manveena Singh, president of TDC.

First Gen Celebration: Nov. 8, 3–5 p.m.

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This event’s purpose is to unite students, faculty and staff who are the first members in their family to go to college. This event will allow first-generation students to hang out in a supportive and understanding environment. There will be a photo booth, food and music at the event, which will be located in the Fiesta Room.

“Sometimes it’s really difficult when you don’t have other family members who have gone to college to really feel supported in that way and have your family understand the college experience and things like that,” said junior DIO student assistant Aria Gaston-Panthaki. “So sometimes first-generation students can be overwhelmed, and we aim to support them in every way that we can, just like we aim to support everyone on this campus.”

MSA Collaboration, Nov. 12, 7 p.m.

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In collaboration with the Muslim Student Association (MSA), TDC will host a dialogue about the conflict in Kashmir between India and Pakistan and the human injustices happening in the dispute. The dialogue will focus on the histories of the countries and how their pasts are currently affecting the conflict. The purpose of the panel will be to see both sides of the strife and to open a respectful dialogue among students. This event will be located in the Waxahachie Room.

“I think just like being able to have a space where we talk about it and learn more about it is important,” Singh said. “Especially because it’s not something that we’re going to talk about in classes and I don’t really think that’s something that’s being talked about with mainstream media as well.”

Friendsgiving, Nov. 21 7–9 p.m., Fiesta Room

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This annual event hosted by TDC brings students together and is an opportunity to build a stronger community among Trinity’s students. In the past the event was more casual, but this year TDC is making an effort to structure the event to be more like a formal Thanksgiving dinner with long tables and food. The Friendsgiving is happening a week before Thanksgiving to give students the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with their friends before they leave for the actual holiday. This event will take place in the Fiesta Room.

“It’s one of TDC’s favorite events because it is an opportunity for us to build community. So it’s going to be fun,” Singh said.