Previously, on SGA: Field Trip!

Previously, on SGA: Field Trip!

This covers the meeting on Oct. 23.


Sophomore senator Ben Falcon asked about the change to merit aid scholarships that was announced that morning by Eric Maloof, vice president for enrollment management in the Office of Admissions. David Tuttle, dean of students, suggested Falcon reach out to Maloof for a better understanding. (Falcon is a columnist for the Trinitonian.)

Sophomore senator Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh asked why some public roofs of residence halls are locked. Tuttle suggested he reach out to Deb Tyson, director of Residential Life, for more information.

Chapin-Eiserloh also mentioned that construction had begun on the pipe behind the Bell Center that was mentioned last meeting. (Chapin-Eiserloh is a photographer for the Trinitonian.)


President Ty Tinker, senior, mentioned that there are multiple things that members of SGA would need to volunteer for.

Tinker first mentioned that senators who are not planning to be on SGA next semester should think about volunteering to be on the election committee. The election committee helps coordinate SGA elections, and members cannot be running for that semester.

Tinker also explained that SGA will be at Student Programming Board’s (SPB) Halloween festivities. Last week, the group discussed different potential activities; today, Tinker said that their primary option is to have a dunk tank station, should it be approved by SPB. If that event is not approved, Tinker said SGA will be painting pumpkins. The dunk tank is covered by SGA’s internal budget.

Tinker then mentioned that there are spots on the university commencement committee. He suggested that senior members think about volunteering.

Tinker asked that two people volunteer to go through and make an inventory of all the things SGA has in the South Hall storage room for student groups. He offered an incentive of a $50 gift card to a restaurant of the volunteer’s choosing. Chapin-Eiserloh and Falcon volunteered.


Members walked to South Hall to see the storage room. After, they walked to the library to look at the wall that commemorates previous time capsules.

Tinker and Chapin-Eiserloh unsuccessfully tried to remove one of the panels with screwdrivers. After that, the group returned to Waxahachie for final meeting notes.