Rediscover the childlike wonder that Halloween signifies


This week, we’re celebrating Halloween in the Trinitonian newsroom. It’s been a long semester. We’ve taken tests, we’ve submitted essays, we’ve completed projects. Some were turned in early, most were procrastinated, and the midterm season has got us at our peak stress levels.

If you’re in the same position as our staff members, you’re just at the end of a crazy couple of weeks. Maybe you’re running low on sleep, maybe you just need a breather. Us, too. It’s only Oct. 25, but we’re feeling eager to get our minds off of school.

So we’ve decided to celebrate Halloween early. So what?

Halloween is a near-perfect holiday. How can you not love Halloween? You dress up. You eat candy. You watch all your favorite spooky (or maybe goofy) films. Halloween epitomizes the spirit of our childhoods, and we should appreciate that.

Halloween is timeless. Yeah, maybe people will look at you weirdly for trick-or-treating. Do it anyways.

Or wait ‘til Nov. 1 (Think of all the candy that’ll be on sale.) Disguise yourself for the night, whether it took months of pre-planning to create the perfect costume or whether you just stroked some eyeliner on your cheeks in a last-minute attempt to be a cat.

Halloween is a break from reality, and one you don’t have to experience alone. We have a couple of thoughts about how to spend your spooky evening (including recipe and costume ideas).

You could stay on campus this spooky season. Get a good scare at Swashbuckler’s Haunted Hall this Friday. Watch “Us” with Student Programming Board on Halloween night. Seek out the ghost in the library. Or the ghost in the Holt Center.

Or you could go out. There are plenty of seasonal things going on in San Antonio this All Hallow’s Eve, (This city is 300+ years old! Think of all the ghosts!)

It doesn’t really matter if you dress up and go out or if you stay in and watch movies. Just take a break. And be safe!