Don’t be scared of registration


It’s that time of the year: class registration. TU Snaps is filled with questions about which class to take and opinions on specific professors. All conversations start with “What are you taking next semester?” And we are all likely filled unnecessary stress about Pathways requirements. Welcome to the halfway point.

For first-years, you’ve just finished your first cycle of college. Your first set of syllabus days, your first onslaught of midterms, your first yada yada yada. Any upperclassmen will tell you you’ve got it good. (You still have three whole years to complete Pathways! Seniors are envious.)

Sophomores and juniors, you guys also still have some flexibility. Add some minors, maybe add a major, maybe entirely drop your major and switch disciplines. The possibilities are endless. Not to mention, your GPA is still quite flexible. (Seniors are still envious.)

Seniors, ever-envious of the time and possibilities of being in one’s first three years of college, if you’re anything like the seniors we know, you’re feeling kind of… nostalgic, maybe? That this is the last time you’ll meet with your adviser. Or is that frustration? That the one course you reaaally wanted to take is still not being offered. Or maybe annoyance? That your interdisciplinary cluster is actually two courses short of completion.

But there is hope. Last year, more updates were made to Pathways to make it less difficult for students to complete. This year, they decided to change TigerPaws. What a relief!

Escape your discipline. Take that class that you don’t know much about with that professor you know nothing of. Maybe don’t take that 8:30 if you haven’t woken up before 9 a.m. in the past six months, but think about that three-hour-long seminar that’s only one day a week. Despite the stress, registration is a great time to achieve what Trinity always says is its goal for students: discovery.