Previously, on SGA: Talk About Brief!

Previously, on SGA: Talk About Brief!

The following covers the meeting on Feb. 26.


Sophomore Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh said there are many men’s restrooms on campus without urinal dividers, which may be unfavorable to some students. He said he’d reach out to Jim Baker, director of Facilities Services, about it.

Sophomore senator Noor Rahman asked for an update about the student she mentioned at an earlier meeting who was having trouble sleeping in her Prassel dorm room due to the stadium lights. Junior and president Claire Carlson said she had not reached out yet, and adviser David Tuttle suggested Rahman ask TUPD, which had officers attending the meeting later that evening.


Charles Robles, food service director for Aramark, attending the meeting after meeting with SGA’s dining committee a couple of weeks ago. Robles answered students’ questions about eating vegan on campus, allegedly uncooked meats at Revolve and potential compostable utensil options.


Chief of police Paul Chapa and assistant chief Pete Perez attended the meeting after many complaints and much confusion about parking violations, parking in general, among other things.

Members of SGA asked about the parking violations, parking permits, the stadium lights and students’ rights.


Recently, the New York Times told the university it will no longer pay as much to distribute the papers, which led to the SGA discussion of whether to keep it and if so, how. SGA members decided it was worth the trouble to keep the publication accessible in print on campus and discussed potential options for the future distribution of the paper.