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    Shawn WallsApr 3, 2020 at 1:45 am

    While it’s a shame many students won’t be able to travel abroad due to the CIEE cuts (I’m one student who got lucky with their placement before this all happened) I hope it will help highlight that for students internet is a basic utility that SHOULD be covered by the government. People are expected to study, work, and remain at home? Then internet is the only thing that can cater for it.

    Secondly I think more students need to be made aware of online placements and jobs they can get when they’re studying and about to graduate. If you look at say CIEE closing and that was your only option…they need to look up virtual internships. are one to check out for ones based out with Asian companies. Then the Gradsite network of websites such as or

    It’s gonna be a shit year to graduate and people are going to fall behind. But if you’re going to be stuck at home or without opportunities anyway definitely look these up. I hope this helps someone at least not feel super hopeless or that they’re gonna be left in the dust

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