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    Robert BlystoneJan 26, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    Kathleen Creedon did not know Ronald Calgaard. If she had, she would never had said “Calgaard ACTED as the university president for two decades.” Ron Calgaard WAS the university president for twenty years. He was in charge. He was the “The Man.” He took Trinity by the nape of the neck in 1979 and shook real hard. Targeted faculty members left, certain administrators fell beside the road. The Trinity bank closed. The quest for a Ph.D. program ended. The old Trinity rapidly evolved into the new Trinity. The country club Trinity was no more. Admissions standards changed so quickly that some seniors knew as they graduated they would not qualify for the next year’s entering class. Dr. Calgaard made an effort to interview every faculty candidate. He would walk into science laboratories on Friday afternoons to see what professors were working with students. It was clear that Trinity University was the center of his professional life as well as his family life. He prospered, the University prospered. Ron Calgaard was the university president for twenty years. He most definitely facilitated the goal of the University to be a better place.

    Sorry for the tardy response but I just became a subscriber to the new Trinitonian and the April piece on Ron just came to my attention.

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    Ron Boerger ('81)Apr 17, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Dr. Caalgard’s passing deserves a more in-depth perspective than this story, welcome as it is, presents. Under his immediate predecessors, Trinity had drifted and was known primarily for two things – Division I tennis, and as the “University in the Sun” – yes, that was the school’s calling card. It was somewhere that well-to-do families sent their kids for four years. There were pockets of excellence, certainly – Comp Sci was one, Biology another – but for the most part the school played happily in its little puddle. Dr. Caalgard instituted numerous significant and difficult changes that put the school on upward course for what it is today; happily, President Anderson, another former KU administrator, has taken up that torch with panache.

    I recommend this Rivard Report article, also written today, for those who would like additional information about the changes Caalgard wrought, not only at Trinity but in the surrounding community.

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Former president Calgaard leaves large legacy behind him