SGA: Zoom-bombing Prevention


This covers the meeting on Aug. 26.



Junior senator Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh mentioned that there are some Trinity members who are not following the health and safety guidelines and signs that were placed throughout campus to ensure community safety. He has reached out to others who are also working on addressing issues of neglience.

Junior Comm Chair Rebecca Wicker mentioned that the hybrid classes, classes that are being offered in person and online, should offer instruction that can be heard from anywhere in the room, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Advisor Tuttle suggested Training and Outreach Specialist Jessica Barto as a contact to reach out to about specific classrooms.



Senator Chapin-Eiserloh shared the results of a survey they sent out regarding purchasing Zoom webinar licenses. These licenses will allow for large events with guest speakers and prevents “Zoom-bombing.” Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) experienced zoom-bombing a few weeks ago during one of their trainings, so purchasing a license would create more secure events. Event examnples include speaker events, gaming tournaments, ceremonies, and other Zoom-friendly activites.

30.8% of the survey responses indicated that they would utilize the license, 38.5% indictated they would “maybe” use it, and 30.8% said they would not utilize the license. 46.2% of respondents said they would use the license 1-2 times a semester while 15.4% said they would use the license 3-4 times a semester.

Senator Chapin-Eiserloh discussed the costs of their two license options. A 500-person plan would cost $1,400/yr and a 1,000-person plan would cost $3,400/yr. He expressed that a 500-person plan should suffice. Sophomore senator Sol Rivas Lopes agreed that a 500-person plan would serve the student body well and help organizations avoid zoom-bombing. SGA voted unanimously to purchase the 500-person plan for $1,400/yr.



President Jaelen Harris and Comm Chair Wicker opened up their discussion of outreach to the rest of the SGA members. Junior Senator Nicholas Janedis believes more could be done to make the community aware of their weekly ‘climate checks.’ These climate checks give all Trinity students an opportunity to bring any grievances to SGA’s attention.

Senator Riveras Lopes suggesested that SGA pick a color for their logo and organize their Instagram feed a bit more to make SGA more accessible. She also suggested making informative infographics to post on Instagram, and a Google form where students can submit their grievances.

SGA is hoping to improve their outreach by utilizing their Instagram and making their posts more accesible.