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    cooper cookeOct 24, 2020 at 5:04 pm

    This article is so intellectually dishonest and condescending. It genuinely seems like you either haven’t talked to actual leftists, you don’t care about what any of us have to say, or you’re less knowledgable about electoral politics and Biden’s record than you let on. You talk about the decision being “between life and death” rather than Democrat vs Republican. Have you not considered that both parties are capable of incredible evils, including taking life? Do you not remember how the Obama administration brushed aside Black Lives Matter (which started in 2013!!!!!!), largely ignored and disrespected Flint, Michigan, and killed upwards of 1,000 civilians (including US citizens!!!!) with drone strikes?? You talk about the deaths occurring in ICE detention centers, but where is your acknowledgment that Biden was part of an administration that *also* locked kids in cages? That deported approximately 3 million people? What about the economic sanctions that Biden and Obama supported for countries in Central and South America? While it may seem to be a choice between life and death to you, millions of people around the world, including in the US, will die regardless of who is in office. More importantly, they will die *because* of who is in office.

    I am not here in your comments to tell people not to vote. If that’s what you want to do, go! vote! It’s not my decision to make for other people and I don’t try to. That said, what I *am* here to do is force you to reconcile with your candidates past and what this past implies for his future. There’s been a lot of talk about getting behind Biden and then pushing him left when he gets in office. That discourse started at the end of the DNC primary and since then Kamala has tweeted out that, despite stating he would several times, Biden would *not* ban fracking. Further, Biden has pledged to *increase* police funding and to veto M4A if it ever gets to his desk. Regardless of your personal position on any of these topics, why do you think I should vote for someone who has been proven to be just as and arguably more dangerous than Trump, especially given that he is clearly resistant to being pushed anywhere but to the right?

    For you to be ignorant of Biden’s record is one thing, but to ignore it is dangerous. It is violent, especially when you’re arguing that voting for this man is the “shield and best defense” for marginalized communities.

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