The many cases for Joe Biden


Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

illustration by Kate Nuelle

You’ve probably been asked to “go vote,” but let’s make something clear: people keep dropping three important words from that call to action. What we really mean to say is “go vote for Joe Biden.” You see, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that it doesn’t matter who you vote for because that’s just a bunch of malarkey. Whether or not you vote and who you vote for in this election does matter.

After 2016, I hoped that we would all learn our lesson and realize that the “lesser of two evils” principle encouraging you to sit out the election or vote for a third party is the electoral equivalent of pissing on your own leg and telling yourself it’s raining. It’s literal nonsense, and the people who perpetrate it need to stop it. Don’t let anyone tell you that your vote doesn’t matter, least of all a white leftist, because your vote does matter, and if you’re a person of color, a child of an immigrant, or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, then your vote is your shield and best defense.

There is a real choice on the ballot and it’s not between Democrat and Republican. It is between life and death. Since Trump took office, there have been 46 immigrants who’ve died in ICE custody, 14,000+ known victims of hate crimes, 220,000+ deaths due to COVID-19, and literally countless deaths due to police brutality, which continues to go unreported by Trump’s Justice Department despite them legally needing to do so. In this election, Joe Biden leads a coalition that represents the diversity and strength of America. His message has a lot to offer this country and everyone in it, from progressives on the left to conservatives fed up with Trump on the right, so if you still need some convincing, hear me out.

The Progressive Case

Whether you supported Bernie or Warren in the primaries, the goals of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party will be best achieved under a Biden presidency. The Overton window in this country is fast moving on issues from health care reform to racial, economic, and environmental justice, and Joe knows it. He is running on the most progressive platform of any major-party nominee in modern history. On criminal justice, Joe wants to abolish cash bail and mandatory minimum sentencing and create a national roster of abusive cops. On education, Joe wants to triple the Pell grant and make college free for families earning less than $125k. On immigration, Joe supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants without linking it to tougher border enforcement. On climate change, Joe wants all new buildings carbon neutral by 2030 and to end the use of fossil fuels electricity by 2035. None of these things will be possible with four more years of Trump, so a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for a more progressive nation.

The Conservative Case

Nearly 350 prominent lifelong Republicans like John Kasich, Michael Steele, Cindy McCain, Colin Powel, and Jeff Flake all stand with Joe because they see the irrevocable harm that a second term Trump administration will continue to do to our constitution and our national security. Trump has raised our taxes, expanded our government, burdened us, and future generations with more debt, and undermined our alliances. He has raised tariffs, a tax on consumers, and overseen one of the largest increases in government spending in recent memory. Under him, our national debt has reached $27 trillion and rising, increasing about $7 trillion. So if you value responsible government and true conservative values in character, then you should vote for Joe Biden, the only competent leader in the race who supports free trade and our constitution.

So if you’re a progressive leftist or a conservative still deciding whether or not to vote in this election or on who to vote for, then ask yourself this: are Bernie Sanders and AOC all mistaken to support Biden, and are Mark Sanford, Jim Mattis, and William McRaven wrong or any less conservative for opposing Trump? Do the right thing and vote for Joe.