Previously, on SGA: Talking through the chaos of the election


This covers the meeting on Nov. 4.


Senator Armand brought up a concern students had over the changing policy for mask exemptions. Students have been wondering what these exemptions meant for their own safety. Advisor David Tuttle said that the university would be accommodating for people with registered disabilities.

Senator Donya Ahmadi expressed concern over self-administered COVID-19 testing for people who are regularly performing COVID tests on students. Senator Polo Perez responded to this by saying that self-administered testing is much safer, since they do not have to be exposed to anyone else as they get tested.


Mia Vu, external chair of Academic Honor Council, proposed expanding the size of the council because of there are not enough AHC members to navigate an influx in cases.

Vice President Chapin-Eiserloh asked AHC what the process for adding student and faculty advisors looked like. External chair Mai Vu said there is an application process those interested must go through. Faculty advisors are asked, and if they have the time in their daily schedules to look over cases; since most of the cases are reviewed in the evening and night. If the faculty member is added to the council, they receive a stipend which is already allocated in the budget.


SGA senior President Jaelen Harris opened up discussion regarding the ongoing election. Judicial Chair Mia Quintanilla says that professors are being accommodating amidst the election chaos.

Senator Nasim Salehitezangi spoke about Louisiana’s passing of an amendment that makes it possible for people who get abortions to face repercussions.